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Andi Chrisman

Andi Chrisman Health and Disease Richmond, Virginia USA

I am passionate about mental health and want to make a career out of public speaking about my lived experience, so the money I receive would go back into providing more resources like travel expenses. I want to provide hope and commonality between all of us that suffer from mental illness. It's unfortunate, but it's near impossible for neurotypical people to understand what it's like to battle your brain on a regular basis. I believe these other sufferers are part of my greater family and I am like a den mother, immediately providing comfort and solace to those who are ...

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Vicki Mizel

Vicki Mizel Health and Disease Studio City, CA United States

I am unique in that I work with and teach and train in memory care for prevention and improvement for Alzheimer's and dementia. Many people don't know that this is possible but it is. I will give my book and trainings through donations as gifts to the Alzheimer's associations, to assisted living residences guests, hospitals, clinics, and to alert the public about this information to select hotels to give to their guests and to certain airlines for their patrons to read in flight so that the public can gain the knowledge to those who need it most so that families, ...

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Kari Gray

Kari Gray Health and Disease Wailuku, Hawaii United States

The GreenSurance Co-op for insured alternative healthcare is a ‚Äč501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to educate, empower, provide innovative solutions, and save lives through a health plan free of political confusion. GreenSurance is what people who choose to live green and whose healthcare choice is alternative need as the missing link in healthcare coverage. Through the GreenSurance Co-op we are a community of people who see the value of an alternative coverage,ensuring the money won't run out when alternative is the choice.

As a grass roots solution for people and practitioners alike who say it's about time we had ...

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Rico Caveglia

Rico Caveglia Health and Disease San Diego, Ca. USA

The Ageless Living Lifestyle promotes personal responsibility for creating good health and preventing disease. This is needed if we are to survive the expensive sick care model we now have.
Also promoting planetary/environmental health through education and .

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Susan Zager Health and Disease ,

I am a two time breast cancer survivor. I founded a non-profit called Advocates for Breast Cancer (A4BC) to help bring quality care to all those affected by the breast cancer epidemic, fund breakthrough research and work towards a cure, Stages 0-4.
I attend major cancer medical conferences where doctors, epatients, and patient advocates advocates meet to talk about the latest medical treatments available, clinical trials, collateral damage as a result of side effects, new pharmaceuticals coming to and on the market. We have a large social media presence with many others involved in cancer care.

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