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Stefani Morrow

Stefani Morrow Dallas, Texas USA

Empowerment Speaker| Educational Consultant & Trainer| Award-Winning Author| Transformational Architect

Stefani Morrow is a former school principal that has expanded her reach far beyond the traditional classroom setting. Since making the transition from the “principalship” to full-time “entrepreneurship” she has become an award-winning author, educational consultant and trainer, transformational architect and ...

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Terri Levine

Terri Levine North Wales, Pennsylvania United States

Terri Levine: Chief Heartrepreneur®
and Founder of the Heartrepreneur® Movement -

Dr. Levine is the bestselling author of over seventeen books including her latest, Turbocharge How To Transform Your Business as a Heartrepreneur™,and is known as the business mentoring expert with
Terri was named one of the top ...

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Louise Ashby

Louise Ashby ,

Louise Ashby is a successful Author, Inspirational speaker and coach who has appeared on the Worlds most prominent talk and radio shows (Larry King, Fox News, The Late Show, 20/20, A Current Affair etc) discussing her expertise on Life after trauma, the Law of Attraction, her Toolbox to Success, spirituality and ...

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Michael Hingson

Michael Hingson Victorville, CA United States

Michael Hingson, blind since birth, was born in Chicago to sighted parents who believed in raising their son with a can-do attitude. Treated like all other children in his family, Michael rode a bike did advanced math in his head, and learn to read and write – Braile that is! Michael’...

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Velton Showell III

Velton Showell III Pembroke Pines , Florida USA

Velton is a Key Note Speaker, Trainer, Author, Motivational Speaker and Business Consultant who is known for his wit and wisdom. Customers everywhere appreciate his humorous style and useful techniques. He combines research and theory with real life experience. For over 27 years, he led award winning sales operations, teaching, training, ...

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Paul Saunders

Paul Saunders Phoenix, Arizona United States

I'm Paul Saunders, I'm British, and yes I have that accent. Find out what The Beatles and The Grateful Dead can teach your audience - I blend the world of rock n roll with valuable marketing lessons.

I've been a DJ broadcasting from a real pirate ship, for the BBC ...

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Kari Gray

Kari Gray Wailuku, Hawaii United States

Kari E. Gray is a multi-award winning talented professional, who is a 25 year cancer survivor
and CEO is also a media guest, an insurance professional, a patent (pending) writer, a world
traveler, and also a community volunteer is an educator, a public speaker, wife, mother and

And if all ...

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Brian Hazelgren

Brian Hazelgren Mesa, Arizona United States

Brian Hazelgren has over 27 years business experience in executive management, entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, and business coaching. He is a globally recognized expert in business planning, strategic planning, infrastructure development, entrepreneurship, sales and operations, and has written 10 highly successful books. Brian has trained over 45,000 business executives, and over 3,500 college students. He ...

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Milo Shapiro

Milo Shapiro San Diego, CA USA

Milo Shapiro, a computer programmer from 1985-2000 took his then-ten-year passion for improvisation to a new level: He started IMPROVentures, a company that brings improv into business: teaching corporate staff fundamentals of improvisation, improving their commitment to communication, teamwork, and innovation.

His highly interactive solo keynote “We Gotta Fail…To ...

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Len Saunders New York City, NY USA VIP Member

Len Saunders is an award winning / best-selling author, motivational speaker in the fight against childhood obesity, and nationally recognized for his innovative wellness events. Recently, you may have seen Len on such media giants as CNN, Good Morning America, CNBC, The Today Show, ESPN, Nickelodeon, MSNBC, The Fox Channel, as ...

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