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Almasi Sims

Almasi Sims Tampa, Florida United States

Despite the early childhood tragedies of loosing both my parents and being surrounded by drugs and violence, I was able to graduate high school on time and later earn a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. For 5 years I worked as a Youth Crime Prevention Specialist for the Pinellas County Urban League. ...

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Cheryl Ginnings Lawton, Oklahoma United States

Married 50 years to a minister and three children, five grandchildren. I speak about the things that are common to others, but give hope to people facing challenges of caring for others. I have been a Realtor many years, but found I love helping families learn to care and cope with ...

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Larry Ratliff

Larry Ratliff San Antonio, Texas USA

Speaker, humorist, author and award-winning film critic Larry Ratliff entertains, informs, motivates and celebrates the magic of the movies with witty and funny behind-the-scenes movie industry, celebrity and life stories. His love for movies and seeing the humor in life are contagious. Ratliff traveled the world interviewing A-list movie celebrities ...

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Louise Ashby

Louise Ashby ,

Louise Ashby is a successful Author, Inspirational speaker and coach who has appeared on the Worlds most prominent talk and radio shows (Larry King, Fox News, The Late Show, 20/20, A Current Affair etc) discussing her expertise on Life after trauma, the Law of Attraction, her Toolbox to Success, spirituality and ...

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Kim Coles Los Angeles, Ca USA

I'm an award winning actress, comedian, author, playwright host and SPEAKER with over 30 years of experience in the Entertainment Business.
I use my gifts of love and laughter to inspire and empower others to open their gifts so that may share them with the world.
I have had the honor ...

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Bonnie Aaron

Bonnie Aaron ,

Where did I go wrong? What could I have done differently? These two questions launched Bonnie's transformational journey to transcend adversity and live intentionally. Laugh and cry with Bonnie as she captures the minds and hearts of your audience. As a speaker and author of Living Intentionally: A Six-step Transformation, ...

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Marlone Finley AA, B.A.S.c, MCSA, MCP, A+

Marlone Finley AA, B.A.S.c, MCSA, MCP, A+ Cicero, IL USA

Marlone Finley is a native of Chicago Illinois. He earned his Associates degree from Harry S Truman college, and then a Bachelors of Science in Applied Behavioral Science from National Louis University. He is a former pastor, and has spoken all across Chicago, to people from 6-60, about psychology, philosophy ...

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Rita Badaloni Hodges

Rita Badaloni Hodges Clarksville, Tennessee United States

Nothing is more invigorating than the moment you have tapped into your greatness and have found your calling! God has a calling for everyone, but most have misplaced there's buried deep within the dilemma's and demises of life's could of's, should of's, and would of's. There are but very few ...

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Dr.Tranquility-Lydia Belton PhD.,Ct.H.A.

Dr.Tranquility-Lydia Belton PhD.,Ct.H.A. USA & International, NY & CA USA

"Exceptionally thorough, she moves from clinical to a working protocol extraordinary in its scope.DrTranquility is professionally superb, with relaxation & hope always in her voice" L.Y.
DrTranquility-Lydia Belton,is a mental health expert with a background in Psychology, Relaxation Physiology for Mind-Body Medicine from Harvard University's Mind- Body Institute. ...

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Jodine Basterash

Jodine Basterash Chicago, IL United States

Jodine Basterash is one of many hats. She is a domestic violence survivor, speaker, activist, advocate, author, model and actress. As a survivor she understands the vicious cycle and impact of domestic violence and is a firm believer that we have the power within ourselves to rise above our past ...

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