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For the past 30 years, Gus Deligiannidis has successfully operated two full service restaurants in South Carolina. His uncompromising work ethic and character were shaped by his path in life, making him the man that he is today. Fueled by a passion to help others, Gus understands the challenges business owners face today as they work to reduce unnecessary expense while striving to grow and improve. Interactive Health and Wellness Seminars with Gus can help your organization achieve greater productivity while reducing absenteeism.


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Gus understands that change can be challenging, and his approach to Wellness is to gradually introduce positive alternatives to less-than-positive current habits. He knows that an “all or nothing” approach seldom works. People improve their lives most effectively when they begin with small, simple changes to their normal routines,

Once they enjoy the positive results of those changes, they become motivated and inspired to make bigger changes that have a more dynamic and lasting impact on their lives. It is the story of the personal journey that Gus has made, and he is ready to show others how to have similar, and even greater successes in their own lives.




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