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There are about 200,000 people that die of accidental death in the United States every year. Statistics that are usually not mentioned are those that have caused the injury by accident. It is estimated that number affects one million people every year.
Linda’s story falls into the later category.

At 14 years of age, through a tractor accident, Linda killed her precious, 2 year old kum-by-yah singing brother.

Growing up as an ordinary farm girl struggling to find her identity she often wondered how courageous she really was. Linda asked the same questions that are asked around the world today such as What do you do when you are barely hanging on? How can a loving God let this happen? What do you do when God is silent? Through courage, an unwavering faith and perseverance, Linda discovered extraordinary answers that have become treasures she will cherish forever. With a new boldness she steps forward to tell her story to millions who need a message of hope and forgiveness in this dark hour. Her story, His Ways are Higher, One Woman’s Journey of Self-Forgiveness Against Unbeatable Odds, is her 45-year journey from barely surviving to thriving.

Linda Olson is Founder & CEO of Wealth Through Stories, Transformational Speaker, Story Coach and #1 Amazon Bestseller with 2 books in 2 years. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to captivate audiences of every age with her storytelling ability. Large audiences, small groups or one-on-one contacts find their hearts drawn in and are mesmerized by Linda’s passion and inspiration as she unfolds valuable lessons through storytelling and interactive talks.


Here are a few sample topics.
I am flexible to adapt them to meet your need.
* Your Story is Your Brand. (4-6 hours)
* Three Dangers of Driving People Away When You Want To Connect (60-90 minutes)
• Stuck in YOUR Story? (60-90 minutes)
• 3 Massive Mistakes Business Men & Women Make that Keep Them Frustrated, Discouraged & Feeling Stuck ... and how to turn that around. (60-90 min.)
* Letting Go of Your Past When It Won't Let Go of You (60-90 Min.)


Your Story is Your Brand. (4-6 hour workshop)
It’s not how good you are. It’s how well you tell your story. Bernadette Jiwa
• The confidence to know WHAT you are really offering
• Clarity with Why you need a WHY story & how to find your WHY
• How to clearly articulate your story with courage & confidence in 3 min.

3 Dangers of Driving People Away When You Want to Connect (60-90 min.)
You never have a second chance to make a first impression
• How to respond with confidence when someone asks, “What do you do?”
• How to create an instant connection with the person you just met so you will
quickly become someone they know, like, and trust.
• The simple formula for responding to “What do you do?” that grabs attention
in one or two minutes.

Letting Go of your Past When it Won’t Let Go of You (60-90 min.)
7 Simple Steps
A 45-year journey took Linda from facing her darkest moment to receiving the unexpected answer to her deepest question, “Why was I the one on the tractor that killed my 2-year old brother?” Linda will walk you through how you, too, can let go of your of your past and receive strength, hope and courage to face every situation.



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