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Empowerment Speaker| Educational Consultant & Trainer| Award-Winning Author| Transformational Architect

Stefani Morrow is a former school principal that has expanded her reach far beyond the traditional classroom setting. Since making the transition from the “principalship” to full-time “entrepreneurship” she has become an award-winning author, educational consultant and trainer, transformational architect and empowerment speaker. Her gifts of teaching, speaking, training and coaching are now used to instruct and inspire others in creating a more fulfilled existence through intentional transformation.

She and her husband Gene are the founders of Transformation Living Systems, a Dallas-based personal development and training company created to guide and instruct others in designing and manifesting their very own personal and professional transformative experiences.

Some of Stefani's signature topics include:
+Leadership Growth and Development
+Navigating Organizational Change
+Transforming Organizational Culture
+Turning Your Passion Into Profit
+The Power of Personal Transformation
+Living and Leading with Passion
+Mindset Mastery


Leadership Growth and Development
Navigating Organizational Change
Transforming Organizational Culture
Turning Your Passion Into Profit
The Power of Personal Transformation
Living and Leading with Passion
Mindset Mastery


Blueprint for Transformation-Learn to change anything you want in life, right now using 5 Laws of Transformation.

Lead Like a Champion- Build and fortify a winning spirit to live and lead at optimal levels in every area of life.

The Path to Passionpreneurship- Discover your unique area of passion and how to create an economy using it.




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