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As one of the world's newest intriguing thought leaders and peak performance coaches, Prince is one dynamic speaker. He went from poverty to entrepreneurship after discovering the power we all have within us to succeed. He experienced many failures along the way but learned to use each one as an ally towards achieving his goal. He is a highly-successful resource for business and professional circles including Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand their opportunities. For over a decade he has made it his business to study and master the science of achievement.

During college he majored in psychology, theology and business management. He was recently voted instructor of the year by an organization called the Rite of Passage and best entertaining speaker by Toastmasters District One-E judges committee!

His charisma, warmth and humor have transformed ordinary people into extraordinary achievers. His personal examples and in-depth study of human nature and the challenges that accompany us all is what's enabled him to create messages that clarify what works in life, what doesn't work, and the why behind it all.

Prince is committed to motivating and transforming today's generation into achievers and leaders as he compels audiences everywhere to eliminate excuses and embrace peak performance.


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In this program you will learn how to take responsibility for where you are and begin the process of creating your best life. When you choose to no longer play the blame game, procrastination disappears. When you make fear and failure your vitamin and success your supplement you win the game of life every time! Prince is going to show his secret formula for eliminating excuses and obtaining happiness, success and prosperity faster than you've ever imagined!

Participants will discover how to:

• Create their own "No Excuse Zone" - actionable results only

• Break through negative thinking and speaking

• Build tunnel vision while pursuing success

• Remain calm in the mist of uncomfortable situations

• Find an anchor that fortify your progress and growth


In this program, the audience is given a new perspective and approach to change! This new insight will be the guiding force behind Change, and if followed correctly and consistently, transformation is assured!

You and your team will dub this program as an ally and a necessity - not a task. You will leave this training eager to implement these powerful techniques. Your attitude and perspective will be re-routed for success!

Participants will discover:

• How to adapt a new attitude and embrace the process of change

• How to implement specific steps required to create change

• How results are predicated on perspective, emotional intensity and action

• The outrageous techniques used by top leaders to achieve goals quickly

• How working as a team helps you to navigate through the winds of change

• How to build a team where everybody is a winner and viable asset


Prince believes leadership is a service not a position! Great leaders always focus on how to bring out the best in their team, rather than the challenges! Great leaders are willing to get their hands dirty rather than be a dictator! And Great leaders are always on the look-out for potential new leaders and train them!

This program will show you how to develop the leader in you through some very simple proprietary steps that work extremely fast! It's going to require focus, determination and consistency, but the end result will be well worth it! Whether you are an association executive, sales professional, entrepreneur, business owner, or manager ... you will experience renewed enthusiasm, feel unusual growth internally and begin to exceed your goals faster than you've ever imagined!

*This program will help you improve your leadership skills and notice other unstoppable leaders!

Participants will discover:

• The Mind-set and Attitude required to create an Excellent unstoppable leader

• How to turn an ordinary employee/person into an "extraordinary" leader

• How to develop "Focus, Discipline and Servitude" that leads to excellent leadership

• How the power of "Servitude" is necessary for leading and creating leaders!




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