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TATIANA MOROZ is a soulful and outspoken singer-songwriter, and the premier artist in the Bitcoin and Liberty activist communities. Following the release of several independently produced LPs, EPs and singles, Tatiana’s next album Keep The Faith is set to be released early 2017 having been funded with cryptocurrency. Her music is a fresh take on the folk style of the revolutionary 60’s and 70’s, an original blend of pop, rock, blues, and alt country.

Tatiana is the creator of TatianaCoin, the first ever artist cryptocurrency. Tatiana Coin and other artists coins allow for connecting fans directly to artists in many ways. A driving force in the industry, she is also the Founder of Crypto Media Hub, a PR, marketing and advertising agency for the Bitcoin space. "The Tatiana Moroz Show" podcast streams on several outlets including the Let's Talk Bitcoin network and is quickly growing with thousands of listeners a week.

Tatiana performs and speaks at blockchain technology and liberty conferences all over the world including SXSW, Nasdaq, National Libertarian Party Convention, Freedom Fest, and Inside Bitcoins. She has appeared on Fox’s Stossel, RT, Infowars, Bitcoin Magazine and many more.

During her talks, Tatiana shares her journey as an artist and the many uses of Bitcoin. Topics range from Blockchain technology, to justice, civil liberties, the drug war, and freedom of speech. She inspires people to be enthusiastic about the power of cryptocurrencies, and teaches how Tatiana Coin can be adapted for other artists. Her talks are usually rounded out with a musical performance, relating back to the causes that drive her passion.


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Tatiana provides an overview of the current music industry climate from an artist's perspective, and illustrates through her experiences with cryptocurrencies and blockchain an insight into what the future of content creation and fan communities will look like.

Tatiana's take on explaining a notoriously complicated subject makes practical use of Bitcoin and potential society impact as the focus, without getting too bogged down with tech speak. Sure to excite and inspire, this "magical internet money" and the underlying blockchain is revolutionizing how we exchange value.

Music has challenged us throughout the ages to look in the mirror and change what we can about the world. The 60s era songs spoke of revolution, but as we have become more connected in the digital age, corporate interests have dominated the patronage of the arts. Advertising of products is the norm in creative mediums, but does that serve the greater good? Can that stifle dissent and innovation? What opportunities are there in the future to allow creative people to reflect society more clearly?



Cultural & Education

I would like to support justice reform. I advocate for ending the drug war, and would want to donate to organizations that work toward that goal as I think it's one of the most destructive forces on the poor with effects that last for generations.

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Music partnerships possibly, jingle writing, Podcast sponsorship, private event sponsorship. Really want to focus on a lifestyle video series ala reality of a traveling Bitcoin musician.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Launching my 3rd album Keep the Faith and will be doing a speaking and performance tour around the US, Europe, and South America throughout the year. Creating several pieces of content weekly, in addition to running my business, writing music, and performing. Creating an online video series about musicians in NY, with expansion to the rest of the tour through Europe this summer. More info available upon request.

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