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Vicki Mizel was trained as an educator and public speaker. She began teaching the Brain Sprout's Memory Method in 1980 to school children in public high schools. Within a short time she trained executive in Fortune 500 corporations such as IBM, Rolm, Prudential, taught through community college, both seniors and Alzheimer's patients; and gave public seminars nationally and internationally. She also produced a highly successful audio CD program on memory training, radio shows and her published work, "Love Remembers," a book to help Alzheimer's patients, their families, caregivers, and medical professionals help improve: memory, recall, relaxation and interpersonal communication.


How to Remember Names.
Memory Methods for Health Care Professionals
No More Fear Of Alzheimer's: How to Be Your Best Self at 90 and Beyond.
Passion Quest: Finding the Work You Love and Loving the Work You Do!
Passion Quest - for Retired, Pre- Retired, Students - Mid- Life
Passion Quest - For End of Life.
Presentation Skills - Without Having to use notes.


Every day, every aspect of our lives requires us to use our memory. We're constantly memorizing or calling on information we have memorized, but we all know from experience that we are not always successful in recalling the information we need when we need it. The Brain Sprout's Memory System solves that problem. In this fun, interactive talk, Vicki Mizel shows you how to make association and turn intangible items and information into visual pictures. You'll learn fun techniques like how to remember names by recalling an outstanding characteristic on the person's face and associating it with a picture that reminds you of the the name. The audience leaves knowing how to remember names,faces and facts and change short term memory into longer term recall. Improve your relationships and business by always knowing how to remember a person's name.

Imagine using more of your brain capacity now and increasing it over time by 15 to 50 percent! This talk presents the basics of the Brain Sprouts neural-regenerative method, which actually increases your neural branch growth. Using simple, fun techniques that take only minutes a day, you’ll be so smart by age 70 and have so much neural ‘foliage’ that you’ll be immune to memory loss! This system is easy to use and you can practice it on whatever matters to you.

What would have happened if Michaelangelo had to take a 9 to 5 job? Don't let your creative gifts and life purpose pass you by! Vicki Mizel's Passion Quest workshop will help you envision and clarify a new career direction by using probing questions, group support, coaching, an action plan and visualization. Participants leave with an action plan to express their unique gifts and talents and make a living at what they love. This talk is perfect for teachers, educators, career counselors, therapists and gerontologists who work with clients, or for anyone frustrated with what they do now and considering a new career. Passion Quest can be offered in one day but it's ideal as two half day programs a few days or one week apart. Passion Quest can be for youth, mid life, pre retirees, retirees and the new end of life program.



Health and Disease

I am unique in that I work with and teach and train in memory care for prevention and improvement for Alzheimer's and dementia. Many people don't know that this is possible but it is. I will give my book and trainings through donations as gifts to the Alzheimer's associations, to assisted living residences guests, hospitals, clinics, and to alert the public about this information to select hotels to give to their guests and to certain airlines for their patrons to read in flight so that the public can gain the knowledge to those who need it most so that families, caregivers, and medical staff of Alzheimer's can be helped nationally and internationally. Schools and Universities would be good places too to share the courses, cd's, books, and radio shows.

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Only now is there special acknowledgement that Alzheimer's and dementia can be reversed. A special ingredient in that formula is brain regeneration ie. Brain Sprouts which is what I provide. By you making me, and my work, books, Cd's, radio shows, training's, speeches, and seminars available to the public and private sectors you are giving them the valuable knowledge that can make a difference in the life of themselves, their loved ones, co workers, employees, and clients.

Be that special someone. Be the hero in their life that changes their lives from uninformed to informed, hopeless to hopeful and tragic to enlightened with these methods from Love Remembers, Brain Sprouts and Passion Quest from Vicki Mizel

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