Sponsorship Opportunity Listings


This is where speakers put their speaking opportunities for sponsors. If you are hired to speak at a conference without pay, list your speaking opportunity and what you have to offer here. Sponsors will contact you if they are interested in sponsoring you. You can also let sponsors know if you are willing to write and deliver a speech on your expertise which would be created just for them. You also may get individuals who are willing to sponsor you because you speak on a topic that they are passionate about, like animal rights or programs for veterans.

Make sure you make it worthwhile for them by giving their company credit everywhere you can.

  • In your online newsletter
  • the conference website
  • the conference program
  • kiosk listings throughout the conference
  • the conference newsletter
  • signage as you enter the room
  • a mention in your speech
  • social media
  • your own website
  • mentions in your press release
  • mentions in TV and radio interviews, etc.

Take pictures of their logo at the conference, and save magazine clips, radio clips, TV spots and anything else that mentions their company. Get them a “proof of performance” which includes all of this information after the event. You can also let sponsors know if you need a sponsor for your radio show, TV show, or blog.