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Despite the early childhood tragedies of loosing both my parents and being surrounded by drugs and violence, I was able to graduate high school on time and later earn a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. For 5 years I worked as a Youth Crime Prevention Specialist for the Pinellas County Urban League. I went from school to school in Pinellas County and worked with young men and women to help them develop a stronger since of social responsibility that in turn helped them to become upstanding citizens and thus reduce the crime in the area. After that, I worked as a coordinator and teacher for a program called AVID, which stands for advancement via individual determination. For 3 years, as the AVID teacher, my job was to encourage, inspire and equip students to be college ready and have the ability to compete in a global society. I have been married for over 10 years, I have 3 children and I am currently a Youth Pastor and a Life Skills Coach with The Skills Center and I am also a member of Fishermen 5, an organization that is devoted to changing the conditions of inner city Tampa by spreading love and delivering a message of hope and encouragement. In the near future I plan on travelling around the world to speak to and encourage youth and adults with my testimony and message. I have a music band with plans to travel to seven different states this year (2017) to perform at various youth conventions, revivals, schools and conferences to deliver a message of hope, love and compassion. I also have a patented music presentation device that is going to change the world! The funds made from that invention and various others will help to fund my long-term goal of opening boarding schools and homeless shelters all across the United States.


Facing and Over Coming Adversity Eradicating Fear Extinguishing Excuses Reproducing Leaders Building a Solid Team


Many motivational speakers give talks about what it takes to be a leader, but only a selected few speak on how to "reproduce leaders." In this speech I present what it takes to raise up leaders that will be more than capable to take on whatever task is set before them. A leader's success is defined by what his followers do when he is gone.

Fear is something that renders the majority of the world helpless to accomplish the dreams and aspirations in their hearts and minds. In this speech I help my audience to identify fear in their lives and equip them with the mind set, tools and resources to get rid of the fear that is often unknowingly crippling their lives.

Everyone in our world today has to deal with adverse circumstances and situations whether they like it or not. Many people simply can not handle that adversity and allow it to slow down or even put a stop to them striving to accomplish their goals. In this speech I equip my audience with the mind set and tools necessary to face and over come adversity in the work place, school, home and everywhere else these foes arise.



Children and Youth

My objective is to deliver a message of hope, love and compassion to children and youth around the world.

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