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I have lived with mental illness since I was 13 years old and was originally too ashamed to talk about it. Now, I talk about my illnesses, and my recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder. I can do various speeches on subjects involving mental health like stigma, looking out for warning signs, coping skills, different types of therapy, art therapy, health, wellness, and more.


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In this speech, I describe how I used art and painting to break free from addiction and give myself a means to express myself.

Even in the field of psychiatry, doctors do not like to deal with patients with BPD. I have been outright refused treatment at a clinic based on my name and diagnosis, being told my condition was "too complicated". A diagnosis of BPD is often seen as a lost cause. Here I will explain how BPD works and my journey into recovery.

When I started a blog back in 1999, before we even called them blogs, I was cyberbullied and told I was making up my depression and suicidal ideation for attention. I was actually encouraged to take my own life. This made me hide my illness for over a decade.
But after my first suicide attempt in 2010, social media played a big part in my recovery. Online support groups and friends from all over the world were there to walk me through my hardest moments. As my illness got more manageable, I was able to give back to those communities by talking to the lonely, helping people find psychiatric doctors in their area, and even making crisis calls to their local police in the event of an emergency.



Health and Disease

I am passionate about mental health and want to make a career out of public speaking about my lived experience, so the money I receive would go back into providing more resources like travel expenses. I want to provide hope and commonality between all of us that suffer from mental illness. It's unfortunate, but it's near impossible for neurotypical people to understand what it's like to battle your brain on a regular basis. I believe these other sufferers are part of my greater family and I am like a den mother, immediately providing comfort and solace to those who are struggling.

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Currently, I work with NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness) and visit multiple psychiatric units a week to share my story of recovery. Through NAMI and VOCAL Virginia, I also speak to Police/EMS workers on ways to help people in a psychiatric emergency. I do get a stipend through NAMI, but do not receive any payment for the VOCAL presentations.

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