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Dawn Grabowski likes to be known as an actress first, and Actress/ Performer With a Disability second (PWD). She doesn’t let her disability define her, it’s just another part of her, like her brown hair or her big smile. Aside from logistics Dawn defines her life, she doesn’t let her disability define her.

Dawn is an award-winning actress, motivational speaker, writer, and comedian who has written, produced, sole-financed, performed and presented “Always Going Up” in the Los Angeles area.

Dawn received her “first big break” when she appeared in the movie “Jerry Maguire” with Tom Cruise.
Dawn Grabowski

In the past Dawn was a proud recipient of The Christopher Reeve Acting Scholarship Competition & The Norman G. Brooks Comedy Competition. She went on to create a 35mm short entitled “Shattering Images,” and a full-length digital feature film entitled “Dangerous Perceptions,” in which she starred in, wrote, produced, and financed. Dawn has created three different Web Series Life in Limbo As Interpreted by Dawn Grabowski, What’s Your Channel 4 Life? and Quest – along with her Comedy Show Dawn Grabowski: Open Heart. Flat-Chested. Brass Balls!

Her Upcoming Web Series is The Adventures of The Amazing Lady.

She has a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Stetson University and a B.S. in Paralegal Studies from Kaplan University.

Dawn strives for excellence in her craft. Her goals are to make you laugh, entertain, & work with you soon! Dawn Grabowski has taken her love for acting and extended it into other areas of the business – actress, comic, writer, content creator, filmmaker, speaker, and producer.


The Entertainment Industry: Creating your own Independent Film, and Content Creation, Hollywood 101, Insights to The Entertainment Industry, NON-Traditional Casting in Hollywood Casting More of the World /American Scene, The Importance of Comedy
Disability Advocacy, Knowledge of the ADA (Americans With Disability Act)
Overcoming Adversity, Motivational/ Inspirational Speeches, Pursuing your dreams, and going for your destiny


I take the letters of the word Independence, and tell the viewer how to create their own independent projects.

I take the letters of the word Independence, and tell the viewer how to make at least one positive change in their life.

ALWAYS GOING UP is my auto-biographical stage play about what it was like to come to California work in the Entertainment Industry as a woman with a physical disability



My cause is to expand awareness of persons with disabilities in every aspect, and opportunity in the mainstream world.

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I, Dawn Grabowski, am a dynamic Speaker that personalize every Speech. I believe in inclusion for all people no matter what an individual's abilities, or disabilities. I believe that diversity is vital in today's society. Because I have an Acting & Comedy Background, I know the importance of PR , Marketing, and can publicize on Social Media. Since I have a physical disability- Cerebral Palsy- I have a perspective that the average person doesn't have. I can bring awareness & education to anyone that is exposed to one of my Speeches and /or Presentations.

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