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Erika has an amazing story of overcoming homelessness, domestic violence, sexual assault, and attempted suicide to now thriving as an unstoppable woman. She personally hosts 4-6 live events per year, and books an additional 8-10 speaking engagements at colleges & universities, centering on women's empowerment. Her live event audience is 74% female business owners & entrepreneurs. Assaulted as a little girl, sleeping in a van as a young adult, and living in a women’s shelter, Erika Gilchrist has earned the title of “The Unstoppable Woman.” She is regarded as one of the most energizing, engaging, and captivating speakers in the industry. She's the creator of the brazen brand, W.T.F. - Women Thriving Fearlessly! which is the signature theme at all of her live events. As a published author of 11 books and a 19-year veteran speaker, Ms. Gilchrist is an expert in personal development, leadership training, and conflict management. She’s been featured as one of the “15 Most Powerful Women on the South Side of Chicago,” Chicago Woman Magazine, CLTV, and Rolling Out Magazine.


Women Will CRUSH It! Humility is Overrated Secrets to Being an Unstoppable Woman Conflict Management for Women The Glory is in Your Story


This is how to ask for [and get] what you want! Long gone are the days of taking the back seat and hoping someone else sees your value. This topic teaches that humility is an overrated virtue and plunges deep into how to claim your rightful place in the driver’s seat, where you are in charge of the direction of your life. Build your career, design the ideal relationship, and navigate your emotions effectively.

This brazen approach teaches women how to assertively say no [and mean it], how to confidently approach a challenging personality, and how to better manage relationships according to YOUR desired results. This is when we dive into the core of who we are and use it to stand our ground with poise and professionalism. We even make sense of male/female dynamics!

Appropriately named after Erika’s bestselling book, this topic shows you how to break the chain of being a “YES Ma’am” and a chronic people pleaser, to introduce you to someone who really needs you…Your Unstoppable Self! It gives you permission to be the woman you've always wanted to be.



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There are 3 events in the 1st & 2nd quarter in 2018 that are coming up: EVENT #1 March 10th - Book launch of Women Thriving Fearlessly in Business (approx. 200 in attendance). EVENT #2 April 28th - Women Thriving Fearlessly Expo, 35 vendor tables, panelists from Chicago Cubs, Nike,, & WGN, approx. 500-700 in attendance. EVENT #3: May 26th - Book launch for "Women Thriving Fearlessly for Mothers" (approx 200 in attendance).

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