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Successful business woman with over 35 years of experience in leadership positions in both business and non-profit organizations. I have recently achieved my certification to teach business English, communication, negotiation, and other soft business skills. I also earned my Event Planning Certification and 2 Certifications to teach Business Etiquette and Protocol. I am a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington, and I offer three licensed programs. My favorite class is Dine Like a Diplomat where I teach how to be a successful host and guest during a business meal. I am a retreat facilitator and can work with your team on leadership, management skills along with creating budgets and strategic planning for boards and other organizations. For those that know me, I teach in a vibrant and fun manner where everyone will learn while being actively engaged in the process. Because of my presentation skills, many people enjoy my talks and most importantly learn.


Outclass the Competition
Dine Like a Diplomat
How to Succeed in the International Arena
Body Language
Guest Appearances
Making WOW Presentations
Digital Dilemmas - Social Media Code of Conduct
Global Do's and Taboos


In a rapidly expanding global economy, executives on all levels need to distinguish themselves from the competition. This seminar provides the tools that give you an advantage in situations where business may be promoted or conducted. You will learn and put into action: How to make an entrance and work the room, handshaking for the 21st century, Introducing yourself and others, how to improve your mingling proficiency,

The world is experiencing a rapidly expanding global economy where the negotiation process doesn't end, and you leave the office. Today's business meetings are conducted over meals. In this world atmosphere, polished dining skills are a must. We offer our interactive tutorial meal that provides the nuances so necessary for a world class competitor. Stop feeling uncomfortable during business meals and impress your clients with your dining skills. Effective business meal tactics, silverware savvy, styles of eating, toasting, silent service code and dining do's and donts, delivered in an entertaining and hands-on course.

This course gives you the knowledge and skills to observe the protocol of a variety of cultures and project professionalism in every interaction. You will learn valuable skills and training related to international greetings, body language, communication, and handshakes. Understand the proper role and responsibilities of a host in an official entertaining setting. Learn how to identify and understand cultural gaps, and develop strategies for effective communication. We cover topics such as stereotypes vs. generalizations, miscommunications, generational behaviors, introduction to gender, gender differences and gender messages



Children and Youth

I am an advocate for children services and have served on the board for Osceola Children's Advocacy Center. I just moved to Tucson 2 weeks ago and had not had a chance to connect with the local organizations so I can donate my time and knowledge. I will assist any cause that involves children.

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