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Lou, as I am often called has a long history of speaking. I am retired from the military I was a Methods of Instruction teacher while in the service. I joined Toastmasters to learn how to better organize my speaking program. I received two awards from President Clinton for my writing and speaking about the bombing in Oklahoma, in 1995.I like encouraging speaking sessions that draw from years of experience. You will laugh and sometimes cry, but you will certainly get the message.


The Bully
Black History Presenter


Encouraging young people at risk to continue to push forward. Young people must understand there is more to life than drugs, sex, and hanging out. We will walk down life's lane and take a look at all the things we can do, have a good time without putting one's self in harms way. Is this easy? If it was everyone would do it and there would be no need for this program. But life is not how many times you have been knocked down, but how many times you get up.

During the next few minutes we are going to talk to you about the Bully. This fellow has a long history of doing terrible things. You can find him in all sorts of places. on the job, church, the blowing league, and surely at school.Starting trouble and confusion seems to be the name of his game He will start with your child at the bus stop in the morning and continue through the day; but just what is he doing and how can we arm our children against these predators?We need to have a good definition of a bully then we can find the right medicine to give him to break him of his sickness.

The founding fathers of these United States of America; the thirteen original colonies, came from Europe. We are going to tell you about another group that were tricked, sold, and kidnapped into this country. The ups and downs of the struggle for freedom for this group will make you take a second look at the history and how Black History is a history of all Americans.The roller coaster ride affects us all.


Military Charities

Helping Veterans get back on their feet. We help with paper work for the VA. Give them food while we give them words of encouragement. Connect them with local job finders and get clothes for them to present in a good right manner.Continue to let them know they have a place of honor in the community.They help lead the fight to protect the country, Now we will help them, Donations used for the up keep of the vets food, clothing, bathing materials and transportation.

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I am looking for the opportunity to speak before your group or club and let them know how they can help the Veteran that has done so much for this country. Now it is our turn to help him/her. Churches, what a wonderful ministry this would be for you and your members to engage in, remember to help the needy? Let us help those who have first helped us. These are the people that put everything on the line that we may have what we so enjoy now. Will you help?

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