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GratitudeSpeak is a public-speaking/training platform catering to organizations/associations in need of keynote addresses, seminar and workshop presenters. Marcia has been speaking and training since 1989 and has recently launched GratitudeSpeak to become more accessible for booking. She has several areas of expertise for audiences in the business sector as well as not-for-profit and community service organizations and private sector, and welcomes the opportunity to design a presentation for your organization.


Despite the devastation that life can bring e.g., losing a loved one, a longstanding career, property, etc., deep within you is a survivor. You must sometimes to some 'inner excavation' to find your power and zone but it is there. Like a phoenix rising from ashes, you can and should rebuild because it is the ultimate statement: YOU ARE A SURVIVOR!

Each of us is born with an array of gifts and talents but too often they have been dashed or squelched. If we consider that the fruit tree yields on every level, it becomes a metaphor of how we should commit to blooming in/out of season to share our legacy with the world.




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