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Motivation Mindset Sales


Obstacles didn't stop after foster care ended. I still had college issues, racism, homelessness and work life balance problems facing me in the future. The only way I was able to make it through was by applying the Champion Mindset to my life. I speak about how you can apply the Champion Mindset to your life and live on top of the podium on a daily basis! I also talk about how I started and maintain my business JH Brands! Think like a CHAMPION!! I have a question/ answer session at the end

Being a former foster kid I understand what staff and parents go through on a day to day basis. I now thank all parents and staff for guiding me to success and for helping all kids in need have better lives. I am an example of what can happen with love and care from staff and foster parents. I tell my story of humility and gratefulness to all those in the industry who give themselves to help those in need. I follow my speech with a question/answer session at the end.

I’ve been a top salesman for 10 years across three different industries. I have sold mobile devices, property,casualty, life and health insurance and personal training packages. I was a top salesman in each industry. I give a step by step process to bring your sales to the championship level like mine. BEAST MODE!



Children and Youth

I am a former child in foster care. I support foster youth and parents by training and coaching them to help bring them together. Most parents want babies and the teens get left behind. My training called Do's & Dont's of Foster Care from a Kids Eyes gives parents ceu credits toward their yearly foster parent license and my "Connection Coaching" helps bring foster parents and teens together. I also give away copies of my book "Your Amazing Itty Bitty Foster and Adoption Parent Guide" to parents to help the cause.

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I have filled out proposals to do several breakout sessions and am in negotiations to give a keynote for D6 Families, National Youth Advocate Program, CWLA, Break Forth Canada and Arizona Women's Conference.

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