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Kit Cummings is an international speaker, teacher and author. He spreads his energy-filled message of power, potential and positive change to large corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations through life-changing events and seminars. Kit has spoken to tens of thousands of people all over the world.

Kit's presentations are dynamic, thought-provoking, fun and energy-filled. Built around timeless universal laws and principles, Kit's programs help teams to come together; leaders to emerge; innovative solutions to be realized; and inner potential among managers and employees to be fulfilled— with laughter and inspiration as the catalyst.

As an inspirational author, cutting edge teacher and international speaker, Kit Cummings delivers a phenomenal message of unlimited human power and potential. With a personal and professional pursuit of coaching and developing people for over 25 years, Kit has created a unique approach to address the most pressing and fundamental issues surrounding personal and collective achievement in a program he calls “Attitude Science”. Combined with his captivating gift for entertaining and engaging his audience, Kit dynamically and effortlessly imparts the most thought-provoking and profound truths of the human experience, with incredible takeaways. Prepare to be inspired, entertained and transformed. Whether your team is corporate or community based; sales, management or executive; Kit’s message is timely and universal, transcending the mundane, day-to-day grind and offering cutting edge perspectives and tools that will motivate and empower your team to greater heights. Attitude Science helps participants break through barriers and achieve powerful results.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Kit has been involved in the field of personal development and leadership for over two decades. Kit earned a BBA in Marketing from the Terry School of Business at the University of Georgia, and he also holds a Masters of Theology. Kit founded Power of Peace Productions, Inc. and Power of Peace Project, Inc. and brings his experience working in some of the most dangerous areas in the world-- to bring about organizational CHANGE. Kit has inspired people to Aim Higher in places as far away as Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, and recently completed speaking tours in South Africa, Mexico, Honduras and Ukraine. Kit has negotiated peace between rival gang leaders in dangerous prisons and recently spoke at the Gandhi Global Peace Summit in Durban, SA. Having taught in some of the toughest environments in the world, he now brings his dynamic message to corporate and association events and conferences. Kit delivers over 100 entertaining presentations per year, and has authored four books.


Attitude, purpose, motivation, inspiration, mind change, energy, mental awareness, habits, hope and freedom


Kit created and developed Attitude Science as the model and platform from which he teaches. With humor and high energy, Kit pulls from cognitive therapy principles, and the study of psychology, brain science and physics. ATT SCI cuts across cultural and socioeconomic barriers, and has been proven effective in various industries, schools, prisons, athletics, and addiction/recovery. ATT SCI brings out potential and uncovers innate gifts; it unclutters the mind and brings focus and clarity; it raises up leaders and forges unity among team members; it increases the efficiency and productivity of organizations; it helps individuals and teams to "come alive." Change the way you look at things and the things you look at CHANGE.

Kit works with corporations and small businesses to increase productivity and efficiency, and navigate organizational change. The Power of Peace is focused on inspiring positive change and unity within organizations, and helping teams function with more power. All that we need we already possess-- in individuals and organizations. Kit teaches from his Attitude Science model to bring about organizational CHANGE.

The Twelve Attitude Science Perspectives: (Excerpts from ATT SCI)
1) I find what I look for.
2) I find what I believe I deserve.
3) I find that which is like myself.
4) My thoughts become things.
5) My words create my world.
6) My moods are magnetic.
7) What I focus on expands.
8) What I resist persists.
9) Passion resides in my unique gift.
10) Joy often hides in my pain.
11) All that I need I already possess.
12) I become what I see.



Children and Youth The Power of Peace Project has a powerful and effective program called Inspired Straight . We are losing a generation of kids in the suburbs. Teens growing up in gated communities are starting with alcohol and marijuana, then experimenting with prescription drugs, getting hooked on opiates, and graduating to heroine. This has become an epidemic, and it's not just for tough kids in the inner city any more. Young people are medicating pain and stuffing their feelings, and the "new normal" is a very dangerous ride. One out of four students nationally will drop out of school this year. We are losing as many kids in the suburbs to overdose and suicide, as we are to violence in the inner cities (last year we lost two kids to shootings down at Carver high in the inner city of south Atlanta; but in that same year we lost four to suicide at Milton high in affluent North Fulton). Both demographics are in big trouble and we MUST take action; we must do something to engage this young generation that is growing up on video games, social media, sex-ting, and music that minimizes a very dangerous course. Their young impressionable minds cannot make sense of it all.

Locking them up, sending them to boot camps, or twenty-eight day programs just isn't working for many of them— we can no longer scare them straight; that rarely works with "Generation Z." Desperate parents many times are not finding the help they need from well-meaning churches that just don’t have a ministry to effectively deal with this growing problem. We must interrupt and redirect: the Inspired Straight program WORKS, and kids are finding a better way. We speak to them in a language that they can understand; we listen to them and get involved in the conversation; we feel them, and we SEE them. They join the POPP peace movement and start finding and becoming role models. Bullies and the "bullied" are choosing peace and learning about non-violence and conflict resolution; seeking first to understand; finding common ground; walking a mile in another's shoes before judging; learning to pause and respond, rather than react; learning to express what they are feeling-- even to their parents. They are learning and practicing many other powerful life principles that will set them free from the peer pressure and stress that is driving them to medicate and "check out." They learn to dig deep and begin to identify their pain and heal their wounded hearts. It is time for awareness and action— we are also helping concerned parents to find another way, rather than avoiding, denying and resisting, and to get involved with these young people who are the next generation of leaders.

Unlikely role models are beginning to emerge: a powerful part of the Inspired Straight program involves letters from real convicts in maximum security prisons describing their incarceration and transformation, and persuading young people to get off this dangerous course-- and the kids are listening. This is a Call to Action to save our kids from an enemy that does not discriminate, is no respecter of persons, and crosses all racial, socioeconomic and religious boundaries. Get involved: make a difference, donate, or tithe and take a stand TODAY-- rescue our wounded children.

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