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Born into a lower middle class family in Saginaw, MI. Kevin Warren felt destined to achieve great things but had no idea what that journey was like ahead. Living in Saginaw, violence and hopelessness filled the cities atmosphere. Believing his life was bigger, Warren buckled down and graduated near the top of his class and attended Florida A&M University! Caught like a deer in headlights Warren quickly became another statistic of “black male flunking out of college.” Devastated from family events & school failures, Warren spiraled out of control. Quickly finding himself addicted to drugs and alcohol, homeless and begging for money. While at rock bottom, Warren says “I had an encounter with God Himself” and within 8 years from meeting God, Warren has and continues overcoming daily obstacles! He is a proud Husband of SuperModel Mikaya Dionne, father of 4 beautiful children, an Author, Empowerment Speaker, Business Owner (x2) and most importantly, a man of God. “His vision is to structure a village large enough to raise a country, then the world.” At 21 Warren entered the IT world and quickly became a star. His personality, work ethic and sales ability catapulted Warren up the ranks quickly. Feeling successful, able to provide a good life with some of its luxuries Warren began self-funding trips to his home town to speak to youth. Sparking an existing passion of service and helping youth, Warren began writing his first book. 3 months after finishing the manuscript, Warren took a leap of faith off the mandate of God. Holding his first book “Finding L.I.F.E. Love Identity Foundation & Encouragement.” Warren again felt accomplished and confident, left the IT world and started a business speaking and teaching Character Development & Leadership to teens. This journey, little did he know, would again cost him everything. A life of luxury was quickly the sacrifice for this dream. Loosing his families home, car & security, Warren did not quit. “Having a strong wife who literally didn’t let me quit, is why so many people are impacted today. Don’t thank me, thank her; I wanted to quit.” Warren responded in a recent interview when asked what role his wife, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Model Mikaya Dionne plays in his success. Today, Kevin is devoted to bridging gaps within communities across the world. Through speaking, writing, consulting and as he says “loving up on people” Warren plans to spread his message of Self-Love, Identity, Foundation & Encouragement to the world. The LIFE Group, LLC. is Warren’s Human Enrichment Services Consulting Firm, his 5th and final child as he describes.


L.I.F.E. LOVE: Definition & Intention of Love; Motivated by Love; Self-Love etc... IDENTITY: Destined Self vs. Molded Self; Motivation Filter; Breaking the "Generational Curse"; etc... FOUNDATION: Be Bold; Power of Making a Decision; Overcoming Fears; etc... ENCOURAGEMENT: Know Your Value; Power of Belief; Breaking Habits; etc... STUDENT LIFE: Transitioning (Middle to High School; High School to College; College to Real World) Accountability & Consequences; Perspective; etc...



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Not only do I believe I can change the world, I believe it's my responsibility to do so! I have a gift to connect and inspire young & old to not create a new "them" but become the BEST them. I've experienced a lot in my years, I have the ability to articulate my pain and the boldness to be honest with our youth. Quick words from the kids after only a 2 day workshop.... 10 Grade Students: -Name Omitted- May 10 at 3:08pm · Words I WILL live by. He changed my life honestly. Thank you sooo much Kevin Warren I look up to you, I'll live by the things you've taught me in just two days. In just those days you've impacted my life more than anybody ever had. I'm grateful to have met you. I've realized I'm not the only person as a sophomore who goes through bs and I see my peers differently. I love them all even if we had our issues. Thank you for opening my eyes to something bigger than myself -Name Omitted- to Kevin Warren May 9 at 10:54am · I just want to thank you for making me think about life and not to waist time I only knew you for two days but it felt like I knew you for a life time and I also want to say next time you see me I will be changed but thank you -Name Omitted- May 8 at 5:29pm · Edited · You had me crying harder than ever today but I just want to say thank you so much for coming to speak to us! You have me a great new perspective on life and I will from this day forward BELIEVE! I wrote what I will do with my tomorrow and I will do it! Every single day until it's my last! Yes, I've had other speakers but not one like you, not one that has touched me so close to make me think and know that I can do it not that I want to but that I can with belief and confidence! Thank you so much I will definitely be keeping in touch! Again thank you Kevin for the speech you gave! And also like Mrs. Paul said you are the first to make me speechless like that, to not have anything to say! Thanks for the inspiration! Parent Testimony Hi Kevin, I just want to tell you that you made a very positive, long lasting impression on my daughter at Carrollton high school last week. She textd me and told me that you told played as her father, which brought tears to my eyes, and she also cried. I just want to send a quick thank you and to ask you to continue making life long impressions in these children and teenagers!! God bless you and thank you again!! You have a beautiful family also I just want to send a quick thank you and to ask you to continue making life long impressions in these children and teenagers!! God bless you and thank you again!! You have a beautiful family also cried. I just want to send a quick thank you and to ask you to continue making life long impressions in these children and teenagers!! God bless you and thank you again!! You have a beautiful family also

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Santa Fe Community College! SGA & Student Life has partnered together to bring me out to speak to the ENTIRE CAMPUS as well as 2 breakout sessions and a brief address to SGA-Senate meeting on March 16th. Santa Fe Community College is the NUMBER ONE community college in the COUNTRY!

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