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Marlone Finley is a native of Chicago Illinois. He earned his Associates degree from Harry S Truman college, and then a Bachelors of Science in Applied Behavioral Science from National Louis University. He is a former pastor, and has spoken all across Chicago, to people from 6-60, about psychology, philosophy and theology. He is the author of two published books, including Beer, Apple juice and a Sterile Sample: 8 ways to predict the probable intentions of others. He is also active in the Oak Park branch of Toastmasters, an editor of a local newspaper, and is a integral partner in helping to establish a training center on Chicago's West Side. He resides in Cicero, IL his wife and two of his children, where he enjoys gardening and writing.


Relationships, psychology, theology, motivation, technology, philosophy


A brief speech dealing with the definition of Philosophy, its founders and greatest teachers throughout the ages, common fallacies of logic, and how a study of timeless questions can benefit anyone today.

A brief talk on what the Digital Divide is, it's history in this country, comparisons to other nations, and effective/ ineffective means of closing that gap.

A brief talk on how to climb out of self-doubt, low self-esteem and needy/clingy behavior. A discussion from a psychological perspective on the causes of said behavior, how to recognize it, and how to rise above it.



Cultural & Education

Despite claims and funding to the contrary, children in Chicago are not being taught what we call emociofinancial© literacy and intelligence. Therefore, there is no new generational wealth being created for the future. There are no real, measurable, tangible efforts to raise emociofinancial© literacy and intelligence for young people in urban centers.

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