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Neslyn Watson-Druee an award winning author, renowned professional speaker, business psychologist and executive coach. Neslyn speaks on leadership including: The Powerful You - Leading Your Life with Purpose and Passion; The Leader's Code and 7 Steps to Being A Great Leader. Neslyn is Chief Executive of Beacon Organisational Development Limited established in 1989; CEO; Business Angel to community projects and women start up programmes. Neslyn's experience includes: • Substantial team, mentoring and coaching experience; significant public/private tendering experience to £15m pa. budgets; twenty one years’ Government Adviser/Non Executive Director roles; multi award winner, including CBE, MBE, Fellow of the City and Guilds London Institute and Doctor of Birmingham City and Bradford Universities. • A Qualified teacher, business psychologist and international platform speaker including the European Parliament. • Twenty two years leadership development and training experience within the BBC, Local Government Management Board, Citizens Bank –Jamaica and the NHS. • Published papers for BBC Education, Local Authority, Public Servant and Department of Health. • Former Chairman of NHS Kingston October 2000 – March 2011 holding over £260M budget. Lead a turnaround of £21.5M within a two year period. Chairman of a London broadcasting organisation. Neslyn is currently rolling out Global Leadership Academies and her focus is on the future of leadership, the first 36 academies will be in Mega Cities – Cities with over 10 Million people. For further information on leadership academies, visit Awards: 2013 Inaugural Top 50 HSJ BME Pioneer 2013 Her Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth 11 Medal for Health Service Innovation July 2013 2012 Windrush Award for Nursing Innovation 2012 Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) for Health Service Development 2005. Hon Doctorate Birmingham City University 2005. Fellow of City and Guilds London Institute 2001 Fellowship of the Royal College of Nursing 1999. Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for Nursing Leadership 1999. Millennium Nurse - Special Recognition Award by Secretary of State for Health for outstanding contribution to nursing 1999. Gold Standard Special Pioneering Award - Leadership Development in Public Sector (BDA) 1997. Special Honours Windrush Achievement Award (BDA) 1996. Gold Standard Award by British Diversity Awards for improving employee potential. 1996. National Training Award by the Government Office for London 1996. Consultancy and Training award by American Express through EFBWBO 1986. Industrial Society ESSO Management Development Scholarship Neslyn holds fellowships of the Royal Collage of Nursing (UK) and City and Guilds London Institute which has Prince Phillip as Patron. She is Doctor of the University of Birmingham City University and Bradford University. Neslyn's passion is to empower executives to master their leadership skills and leave a legacy for others will follow. Neslyn is committed to enabling you to access your greater capacity to unleash your greatness and the power within you. She has written 12 books, five of which are in publication Fly High – Land Safe: Career Transition for Executives;The Beacon Technique: 6 Conscious Blue Prints to Experience Your Joy; Authentic Choice: Be You and Beacon Technique: Leadership From Impossible to Possible; 10 Steps to Awesome motivation - Motivation Daily Practices; The Book on Purpose - Steps to clarify Your Purpose; The Powerful You - Develop Your Self Confidence and Your Power and more ….


Leadership - The Powerful You: Leading Your Life Powerfully with Purpose and Passion. Corporate Leadership - Inspiring Your Team To Be Great The Leader's Code - 7 Steps to Being a Great Leader Leadership and leaving a Legacy


I am here to share with you 5 leadership perspectives that could increases or decreases the bottom-line of your business or your career. I will also show you a map that will take your leadership from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary.

When your life is devoid of purpose and there is an absence of meaning to your life: • You may experience emptiness, a lack of something and a yearning for something different. • You are likely to have a feeling of confusion, and even depression. • Perhaps your inner voice tells you that your personal destiny is more than or different from what you are living right now. • You may even have forgotten dreams that are waiting patiently in your heart. • Perhaps you know that a 9-to-5 employment is not working for you any more. • Maybe you are asking yourself questions like – what is the important focus in my life on a consistent basis? • You may even be asking yourself the question: Is this really worth it? • Maybe you want a happier or more fulfilling life. The tragedy is that most people have never taken the time to neither think nor reflect on their purpose. The pain of not being aware of your purpose means that you may go through life not recognising that you have a choice. You could be quite disconnected and living a life of quiet desperation and not knowing why your life is not within the flow and desire of your heart. I say to you Now You need something to believe in, something for which you can have whole-hearted enthusiasm. You need to feel that your life has meaning, that you are needed in this world. So here are some questions to get you clearer on your purpose: • What inspires me – what makes my heart sings? • If I knew the services I am here to give to the earth, what would be that service? When do I feel closest to my creator? • If I knew the service that I am here to offer to humanity, what would be that service? In what ways do I feel called to be of service to others? • What am I able to see as patterns in the overall trace of my life? • When in my life do I feel a sense of wonder? Standing in your power is about being on purpose, being aligned with the highest part of yourself, knowing both your humanity and your Divinity. When you are on purpose you follow your bliss and doors will be opened where you would not imagine there would be doors. Living your purpose means that you live with passion. Passion is a personal experience. When you begin to do what you love, engaged with the activities and pursuits that make your heart expand, that makes your heart sing, you will find that your life will begin to be pulled in directions that you may not even begin to imagine. You come to know that magic is irresistible when you open your heart to your purpose and passion, which means what you love and care about. So often you allow yourself to get bogged down with the “hows” you say to yourself: how will I find the money? How will I master the skill? How will I make a success of this at this stage of my life?

Courage - The first step to leadership. Courage to do what is right, courage to go against the crowd, courage to take different approach when needed, courage to stand alone, if and when your conscience tells you to do so. Courage to be innovative, to live your truth, speak your truth, courage to act on your truth and lead with integrity. People will wait to see if a leader is courageous before they’re willing to follow his or her lead. People need a leader who will stay the course when things get tough. People are far more likely to show courage themselves when their leaders do the same. Keeping your vision and perspective intact during the most difficult times is an integral part of strong leadership. For the courageous leader adversity is a welcome test. Like a blacksmith’s molding of a red-hot iron, adversity is a trial by fire that refines leaders and sharpens their game. Adversity emboldens courageous leaders and leaves them more committed to their strategic direction. Leaders who lack courage simply toe the company line. They follow the safest path—the path of least resistance—because they’d rather cover their backside than lead. I believe deep within us we always have the capacity to do the right thing. During the second World War Winston Churchill knew that he had to confront the Nazi control. Churchill said: We are resolved to destroy Hitler and every vestige of the Nazi regime. From this nothing will turn us. Nothing! We will never parley. We will never negotiate with Hitler or any of his gang. We will fight him by land. We will fight him by sea. We will fight him in the air. Until, with God’s help, we have rid the earth of his shadow. It takes courage to lead with integrity and resist the temptation to go to great lengths to preserve the image of your own track record and set the tone to take responsibility for bad decision. A good example is of Joe Cullum, former CEO of 7UP pointing the finger back at himself declared: This is another Joe Cullum decision that did not work. I will take responsibility for this bad decision. But we all take responsibility for extracting the maximum learning from the tuition we’ve paid. Let me give you an example of a powerful way in which I have used the red flag in board meetings. I issued an A4 red sheet of paper. I said to the board members, this is your red flag for the meeting to be used with decisions are taken that may compromise patient safety and health service delivery quality; but you can only use it once on alternate meetings. If you raise your hand with your red flag I will stop the discussion and listen to your concerns. (Give integrated approach with health and social care regarding keeping older people warm)



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