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Paul Klebanov is known for his work as a marketing evangelist for SEMrush and building one of the top U.S internet retailers - PPL Stores LLC, before 30. Today, he is a digital marketing strategist, consultant, and Google Analytics Immersive trainer at Imparture. He uses his words and speeches to take away the mystery of marketing and replace it with knowledge — or, those little “a-ha!” moments that gift audiences with crystal-clear clarity: that invaluable moment when you know your team’s productivity just shot up because they get it. Through coaching, training, and speeches at conferences such as Digital Marketing Summit, Growth Marketing New York, IMX, Experience Inbound, Insight Marketing Conference, and International Ecommerce Day, Paul shows entrepreneurs how to make their business bloom through effective and carefully crafted marketing strategies.


6 Unconventional Ways to Hack Your Funnel Into a Conversion-Driving Machine


Your sales funnel could use more leads. A lot more leads. And most importantly, leads that convert – day-in, day-out. Paul Klebanov learned a few hard lessons in funnel optimization – he once lost almost 10K! – but came out of it a better marketer. And now he’s ready to pass on his conversion secrets to you – from content marketing and PPC tactics, to more unconventional strategies people are just starting to talk about – so you can start making your ROI dreams a reality. After this session you’ll be able to: Hack your creative and formulate quality “content marketing” that not only draws customers to you, but elicits an emotional response to share, like, tweet, and engage with your content - Uncover 8 ad triggers that force Facebook to lower your advertising cost and fuel your ad creative into a lead generating machine - Discover how your competitors’ successes (and mistakes) can help propel your business forward - Go ‘under the hood’ of Ad Rank and uncover the factors you can hack to out pace your PPC rivals in Google AdWords - Discover how mapping SKAGs (single keyword ad groups) to specific stages of the buyer's journey will help connect your best target market through targeted communication focused on delivering the right message, to the right person, and at the right time.

In 2004 Tor Norretranders, a science writer and author of The User Illusion, introduced me to the term Exformation. He described the term as explicitly discarded information or information that is not delivered in the core message. It’s whatever comes to mind when you look at a branded logo like Starbucks or Apple. It’s what stereotypes are made of. When I first started with paid media, I drew a clear distinction between using PPC as a channel for brand awareness and customer acquisition. As I started using different methodologies like behavioral based pitching, and layering channels I started bridging the gap between the two by indoctrinating my visitors with specific offers to and delivering specific information to influence their buying decision when the buy now button is presented.




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I pitch and book engagements at top marketing events in the U.S. The average audience Size is 300. If you are interested in placement, please reach out and I will share upcoming Opportunities.

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