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Tynia Canada, a native New Yorker, professional songstress , inspirational speaker, life coach, entrepreneur and psychology associate, is also founder and CEO of Inspirational Spirit of the Phoenix,Inc which began as a sleepover for girlfriend’s and has grown to become a nationally recognized organization. Inspirational Spirit of the Phoenix’s initial mission was to empower and mentor women from all walks of life. However, with Canada’s strong leadership, vision and fortitude, Inspirational Spirit of the Phoenix was immediately morphed into an organization that provides wrap-around support for women, children and families.
Canada has spoken, presented, trained and consulted for law enforcement agencies, schools, private corporations, churches, national, international and local organizations. Canada has a knack for enthralling the attention of her audience, as she passionately delivers presentations that are uplifting, informative, and enthusiastically received by her audiences.
Canada has been featured in Essence Magazine, Sister 2 Sister Magazine, the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, other publications, and media platforms. As for her educational accomplishments, Canada earned her dual undergraduate degree in music education and communications from Adelphi University and a master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology from Capella University.
Canada is the proud mother of two, a son who is a college graduate and accomplished cinematographer, and daughter who is a college student and business owner.


Cultural Awareness, Diversity & Inclusion, Parenting Skills, Personality Disorder, Law enforcement Specialty topics, Child custody, Domestic Violence, Abuse,Separation & Divorce, Children & Trauma, Effective Communication, Honest communication with your children,Training to think positively,Self-Care,Success in the Midst of your Storm, and other topics upon request.


Your child will know that "my mommy fought for me". Because of your dedication to your child, your "never give up no matter what"mindset, your child will tell you that you are the champion in their life!
Take a trip on this journey with me as we go through the storm feeling pain, brokenness, and heartbreak as I guide you to heal, while walking into your victory.

This workshop will teach you how to behave from a place of purpose. Looking beyond appearances while you demonstrate unwavering faith. Digging deep into your reservoir of power needed to elevate your child to their level of possibilities, helping them tap into who they are. I will teach strategies for a successful outcome, as you navigate the injustices placed upon you, your child, and those close to you.

Individuals will learn the significance of of a leader; one who knows their path and proudly walks in it while taking risks and forging ahead no matter what. A leader is an influencer, one that will motivate to ensure success is achieved.The leader will include the importance of recognizing and accepting diversity, while collectively incorporating the skills of all individuals to obtain successful outcomes.



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