Some of the companies we've worked with Success Stories

  • I received a referral from Julie Austin and Speaker Sponsor to do a three hour seminar on Leadership. Everything from beginning to end was smooth and efficient.

    —Mike Margolies
  • Julie was able to secure for me a phenomenal sponsor for a talk I did at a cancer center.

    —Dr. Kathy Gruver
    Dr. Kathy Gruver
  • She pitched me to Red Bull and several other energy drink companies, eventually getting VIVA Vitamins to sponsor me. She even went the extra mile and wrote my press release. I highly recommend Speaker Sponsor for speakers looking to connect with sponsors."

    —Alex Cequea

3 ways we help you get more speaking jobs Member Features

Sponsors find you

when they're looking for speakers to sponsor

Sponsors hire you

on commission to talk about their topics or their company

You let sponsors know

when you have a free speaking job you'd like sponsored

We promote you, train you, and get you in the door Member Benefits

We're Cheerleaders

constantly promoting you through SEO, social media, cold calls, mailings and trade shows

We're Teachers

providing you with access to free webinars, ebooks, and newsletters on everything related to speaking and sponsorship

We're Gate Keepers

bringing you insider information from the sponsors that want to hire you. Find out firsthand from them what they like and don't like