Directory Listings

Sponsors are able to browse your information and topics to decide if they would like to sponsor that speaker for an event.

Speaking Opportunities

Members receive paid and free (for sponsorship) speaking opportunities through the Speaker Sponsor newsletter. These are sent out several times a month. In addition, other paid speaking opportunities are negotiated with individual speakers based on meeting planner needs. Jobs obtained through the newsletter don’t require you to pay any commission. Jobs negotiated through other means are only a 10% commission for members.

Sponsorship Opportunity Listings

This is where speakers put their speaking opportunities for sponsors. If you are hired to speak at a conference without pay, list your speaking opportunity and what you have to offer here. Sponsors will contact you if they are interested in sponsoring you. You can also let sponsors know if you are willing to write and deliver a speech on your expertise which would be created just for them. You also may get individuals who are willing to sponsor you because you speak on a topic that they are passionate about, like animal rights or programs for veterans.

Webinar Series Access

We’ll bring you free webinars from other sources that can help you as a speaker.