Cynthia ThompsonJulie recently invited me to be a sponsor for the Austin HR Conference. As result she Tweeted about HR Professionals Magazine to her over 500 followers, posted my logo on her Facebook account with over 3900 fans, and mentioned us on LinkedIn to here over 500 connections. She distributed my magazines at the breakout session and enhanced the magazine's brand recognition and visibility. The magazine was also mentioned in many press releases including World News Report. What a great idea to provide a way to sponsor speakers for Conferences that do not pay for their speakers who come and make presentations to their members! I highly recommend Julie Austin and her new Speaker Sponsor service!

Cynthia Thompson
HR Professionals magazine

I'm a big fan of Speakersponsor and all the great work that they do. Let me start with three reasons why I'm a big fan. First, SpeakerSponsor paid for my subscription the first two weeks I enrolled. I booked a non-paying event in Alabama and Julie was able to get me a sponsor. Second, Julie was always accessible and available, which impressed me greatly due to her schedule and commitments. Anytime I called or emailed she got right back to me. Third, Julie truly cares about her speakers and shares a great amount of knowledge from her prior experiences. She has given me very strong leads and now it’s my turn to act upon them. This is a great service for Speakers looking to get paid for their speaking gigs.

Chad J. Willett
motivational speaker

"I met Julie Austin from Speaker Sponsor through Twitter, when I jokingly suggested that she contact Red Bull to sponsor an event where I was attempting to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Speech Marathon. She responded and said she was up for the challenge. Julie pitched me to Red Bull and several other energy drink companies, eventually getting VIVA Vitamins to sponsor me. She even went the extra mile and wrote my press release. I highly recommend Speaker Sponsor for speakers looking to connect with sponsors."

Alex Cequea

I received a referral from Julie Austin and Speaker Sponsor to do a three hour seminar on Leadership with Emotional Intelligence on September 26th. The seminar was for October 11th. I had a signed contract on September 29th. Everything from beginning to end was smooth and efficient. I believe this is because Julie does a great job of listening to her customers needs and then recommends speakers who will fulfil her clients requirements.  It will be my pleasure to recommend people to Julie Austin and .

Mike Margolies

It's every speakers goal to get paid for the information they share. But more and more organizations and associations don't have the budget to pay speakers. This is where Julie does such an amazing job. She was able to secure for me a phenomenal sponsor for a talk I did at a cancer center. Because of its nonprofit status I was not even able to sell my books. The sponsor she found not only paid me but allowed me to purchase 20 of my books as giveaways. Everybody was happy, it was a win-win all-around and I could not be more thankful for Julie's hardwork. She even came to see my talk.

Dr. Kathy Gruver
Dr. Kathy Gruver

"I was connected to an incredible Speaker Sponsor opportunity at the Cancer Support Community through Julie. Not only did I forge a relationship with a terrific speaker and the Benjamin Center, Julie's expertise made the experience effortless and effective. "

Jocelynne Eberstein

I have gotten some sponsors thanks to all your help, I couldn't have done it without you!

Jill Flinders

"I was introduced to Julie Austin from Speaker Sponsor after taking her Speaker Sponsorship online class. Using the system she taught in her course and the complementary brainstorming session I received, in addition to the class I was able to secure my first sponsor for speaking at the International Conference of Chemical Engineering in Phoenix, Arizona. I highly recommend Speaker Sponsor for speakers looking to connect with sponsors."

Tony Green
Speaking Green Communications

Time Warner"The perfect event to get that new employee that you are looking for in a short amount of time, in a casual and fun, party type of setting, with a good small group of applicants with a deep work history."

Time Warner

Bunim-Murray (Project Runway)"…a fun, unique environment for meeting potential, future employees. It was a better way for us to get the word out in a more intimate setting."

Bunim-Murray (Project Runway)

Media Services“…one of the most productive, original and fun events I have attended. We look forward to working with you in the future…”

Media Services

Girl Scouts of America“The creativity workshop was a huge success. Participants learned exact techniques on how to come up with their own inventions and how to use innovation in their daily lives to solve problems."

Girl Scouts of America

Working World Magazine"The seminar was both informative and inspiring. We loved the sassy slideshow, which was both entertaining and instructive."

Working World Magazine

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