With more and more budgets being cut these days, making a living as a speaker has become a challenge. This is why we are here to help introduce you to the sponsors who are looking for speakers to add to their sponsorship programs. We use networking, cold calls, search engine optimization, trade shows, newsletters, and direct mail to find the best sponsors for you.

As a speaker you’ve probably already figured out that you are going to have to look at yourself as a business and run things that way if you want to make money as a speaker. That’s why we bring the sponsors to you and help you with ongoing sponsorship training so you can present the best opportunity to sponsors looking for your topics and qualifications. It’s up to you to give them what they need for a good partnership.

We provide a central location where they can search through the speakers and programs and decide who they would like to partner with.



We pull out all the stops to help you succeed.

At Speaker Sponsor we believe in elevating the role of the professional speaker. Speaking is a career, and you deserve to get paid.

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