This is a unique opportunity for speakers who speak on specific causes to take donations from their fans. These donations go straight into your Pay Pal account and we don’t take a dime from any money you raise. If you raise $10.00 or $10 million dollars, it all goes to you.

Speaker Sponsor has become known as an online matchmaker…

between speakers and small businesses and corporations that want to sponsor them. But now we’ve added a new service, crowd-funding for speakers.

So many people said they’d love to spread the word about a particular cause, but that they weren’t speakers themselves, so, we thought, why not have crowd-funding for speakers, so their voices could be heard and speakers could get paid to spread the word.

The way it works is that a cause speaker solicits donations from the Speaker Sponsor site and they basically have an ongoing “project”. It’s up to the speaker to arrange their own speaking engagements or to be hired by a meeting planner for a free speaking engagement. Then the speaker is paid through donations from their fans, who believe in their cause.

Crowd-funding for speakers at Speaker Sponsor is different from other crowd-funding platforms

…which is about particular projects that have a deadline and a fundraising goal that has to be met. On Speaker Sponsor, a cause speaker is given as much time as they want to get out and speak on a cause, but the longer they wait to get out and speak, the fewer donations they will likely get. Speakers who are the most active will get the most traffic. And that means keeping their fans up to date on what they’re doing and where they’re speaking.

Even though we actively promote speakers and their causes, and drive traffic to the site, speakers can help improve their chances of getting donations by doing their own promotion and by interacting with and thanking the fans who support their cause.

Updating your Cause information (Edit Profile)

  1. Navigate to the Edit your Profile page (here)
  2. The cause fields are listed last on this page
  3. Cause Category: Select a category that best fits your cause
  4. About My Cause: Enter a brief description of your cause, how you support it, and how (if applicable) you will apply donation proceeds to support your cause.
  5. Donation Link: Enter the FULL URL of the page where you collect donations for this cause. This can be a personal website, third-party non-profit site (i.e. American Red Cross), or a personal donation link via PayPal or other service.
Be Sure to Test Your Link! Always view and test your public Speaker Sponsor profile after editing. If you have entered a Donation Link to your profile, verify that the link is functioning as intended by navigating to the link via the “Donate to My Cause” button on your public profile.

How to Properly Link your Donation URL via PayPal

  1. Log in to your existing account or create a new PayPal account.
  2. Visit the Donation Buttons page (Merchant Services tab > Create Payment Buttons > Donate).
  3. Prepare your donation button options as desired then click “Create Button”.
  4. Copy the URL from the “Email” tab into your Speaker Sponsor Profile Donation Link field.