Why would a company want to sponsor a speaker?

First of all, they want to get in front of your audience, which is the people they’re trying to reach. Let’s say you are booked to speak to an audience of retail executives. A company may want to get their name in front of that audience and would pay to sponsor you at the conference. Their brand name would be mentioned before the speech, listed on the conference website, displayed prominently throughout the conference and listed in the program. On top of that, there are many other ways you can help the sponsor get their brand name out there. This enhances their image, creates positive PR, drives sales, and differentiates their brand in the marketplace.

How much do I charge them?

It depends on how much value you are able to bring to the company. If you have 10,000 Twitter followers and Facebook fans, along with a large email list, you will bring more value than someone who is just starting out. The trick is to bring as much value as possible to their brand name. We work with you to help you build your value and increase your “cred”. If you are booked to speak in front of a large audience that they are interested in, that is valuable to them.

Who are the sponsors?

A sponsor could be a large corporation , a small business owner, a family trust, or a non-profit. Anyone whose message aligns with your audience and your speech topics.

Can we get their email?

We build our reputation with sponsors by not giving out their name or email. This lets them browse the site for speakers without the pressure of having hundreds or thousands of people contacting them. If they are interested, they can contact you through your profile listing. Make your profile listing enticing to them and they will respond.

Am I stuck in a contract?

Nope. It’s strictly month to month. You can cancel at any time and receive your money back for 1 month of service.

What if I book a free speaking job and the meeting planner won’t let me get my own sponsor?

I haven’t run into that yet. Most meeting planners are thrilled if you can get your own sponsor. It’s less work for them and they know they will be getting a speaker with great information instead of a one hour infomercial. But if they still won’t do it, it’s up to you to take it for free or turn it down.

What if I book a free job and I can’t find a sponsor?

There’s always a chance you won’t find a sponsor. We bring the sponsors to you and promote you as much as we can, but it’s still a possibility you won’t find the right one for your particular event. Again, it’s up to you whether you want to do it for free or not. If you’re not getting any response to your speaking opportunity, let us know and we’ll help you improve it or brainstorm other ways to find the right sponsor.

Do you negotiate with the sponsors?

No, we stay out of the negotiations. We don’t tell you how to run your business or set your speaking fees. But we will help you with webinars, ebooks and newsletters in the sponsorship process.