Grace Lanni

Grace Lanni Austin, TX United States 150 Women Entrepreneurs 3-day event Pd for 1hr speaking slot am day 1, Pd for vendor showcase table - all 3 days, Pd for lunch workshop host spot, 2 days. Asking $5000.

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Carrie Grace McQuaid

Carrie Grace McQuaid Raleigh, North Carolina United States

I get asked to speak at quite a few sororities per year. They are an audience who has money and spending power. So, I'd love to get a few events sponsored, so that I can give insight to college girls, but also bring value to the sponsor.

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This Could Be You

This Could Be You! Hometown, USA

Stop speaking for free and start getting your share of the multi billion dollar sponsorship industry. Speaker Sponsor helps you let sponsors know what you want and what you're willing to give them in return.

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Dr. Melvin Mahone

Dr. Melvin Mahone Augusta, Georgia America

I want to speak to an audience of 700 miles from either way around Augusta, Georgia.

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Steve Sapato Tampa, Florida USA

Would you like to see your logo or company name all across America? For pennies on the dollar cost to you? I host '' which is a semi-annual event for some of the best speakers in America. These are speakers who are seeking a professional quality video of them presenting their best talks for up to 15 minutes. They will then take those videos with your name in the background, and share them across all media. From their own websites to their own social media accounts to their youtube channels. And they will be promoting themselves with you in the ...

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Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright Minneapolis, MN USA

2 opportunities to have your brand in front of Sheriffs and Their Deputies. Brand placement in presentations over two days. Branding inserted into book or on the book cover.

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Robin Smith Mathis Atlanta, GA United States

The opportunities for sponsorship are wide open as I begin to speak professionally. In the past, I trained, presented and facilitated workshops as a part of my "service" component as a faculty member. Now, I have decided to train and speak on a full-time basis. There is opportunity for service, retail/fashion, health/wellness, and publishing sponsorships.

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Pete Canavan Wilkes Barre, PA US

I am looking to help other companies leverage my online safety expertise (IT security expert since 1995) and offline safety expertise (self-defense instructor for 20+ yrs) to build awareness for their brand and products with the ultimate goal of improving safety for students and employees in both the digital world and the physical world. My social media exposure (over 100K YouTube video views plus almost 10K followers across various platforms) and my regular major media exposure from interviews and articles can be harnessed by various companies that fit our shared interest in safety. As a third-party validator of safety-related products, my recommendation ...

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Mustafa Richardson Montreal, Quebec Canada

I am seeking sponsors for a talent event "Face Fear and Do it!" in which I will be speaking, on April 7th, 2018 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 50-75 attendees in a key demographic(18-35) will be attending.

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Erika Gilchrist Chicago, IL USA

There are 3 events in the 1st & 2nd quarter in 2018 that are coming up: EVENT #1 March 10th - Book launch of Women Thriving Fearlessly in Business (approx. 200 in attendance). EVENT #2 April 28th - Women Thriving Fearlessly Expo, 35 vendor tables, panelists from Chicago Cubs, Nike,, & WGN, approx. 500-700 in attendance. EVENT #3: May 26th - Book launch for "Women Thriving Fearlessly for Mothers" (approx 200 in attendance).

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Mario Fachini Detroit, MI USA

I pitch and book engagements for industry-leading service professionals to help them acquire new clients & marketing events in the U.S. to train other marketers from around the world on best practices and success blueprints. In the past audience size has ranged from 25 to 100 attendee's for industry-specific & 200 to 300 for marketing conferences. If you are interested in placement, please reach out and I will share upcoming opportunities.

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Eric Moss Rockaway, New Jersey United States

September 21st in Maryland for over 125 homecare leaders.

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Linda Olson Palmdale, California USA

Huge Opportunity for exposure - Brand Story, How to share your brand story with millions. Love to talk with you!

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Roger Patterson Charlotte & Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina United States

(Open-Negotiable) ISIS Radicalization and Terrorism in our local communities - can be presented in a formal or informal form that includes during seminars, breakout session or other type of meeting engagements. ($5,000 - $10,000) The webinar Homegrown Radicalization and Terrorism in the Americas - Hospitality Industry Threat can accommodate up to 1,000 participants at a time. This 2.5 hour session can be scheduled for participation by individuals all over the globe in a single event at a time. This activity has been approved for 2.5 HR (General) re-certification credit hours toward aPHR™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™, SPHRi™ re certification through HR Certification Institute's® (HRCI®). ...

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Koy McDermott Austin, Texas United States

We are currently looking for sponsors who would like to be represented in front of hundreds of people, from college students, entrepreneurs and small business owners, to professionals 2 - 3 per month.

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Cheryl Ginnings Lawton, Oklahoma United States

My podcasts address issues like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, caring for parents with Alzheimer's or Dementia, or wounded warriors or PTSD. It is an informative platform on /courage-2-overcome. I write books, articles, blogs, speak, teach, coach and consult to help face issues that we are all facing now and in the future with caring for others. My goal is to raise awareness of issues facing caregivers and help future generations prepare for those situations they do not realize will be presenting them. Most caregiving is sudden, critical, a crisis or at unplanned. Let's turn that around and help prevent early ...

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