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Robin Smith Mathis earned her Ph.D. in Human Resource Development from Texas A&M University. Before moving to the metro Atlanta area, she was the business communication coordinator at the McCoy College of Business Administration at Texas State University. Dr. Mathis is currently teaching communication, leadership, and various management courses at Mercer University's Stetson School of Business and Georgia State University's Robinson School of Business. She specializes in generational issues, recruitment and retention, motivation, leadership, train the trainer, assessment, performance appraising, and conflict management. In addition, She has published work on leadership in Advances in Developing Human Resources. She has written a book chapter in Tales from the Field of Qualitative Communication Consulting: Teaching/Business Strategies for Educators and Practitioners and in Handbook of Communication Training. Her training and workshop experience includes, organizational communication, conflict resolution, performance appraisals, leadership, and bridging generational differences in the workplace. Audiences have included, healthcare, IT, military, and financial services. Please check out her blog at in 2019!


leading and managing generational differences; employee retention; change leadership; ethics; conflict resolution; performance feedback and feedforward.


This presentation discusses the 4-5 generations still present in our workforce. The motivators and assumptions of all generations are discussed. Finally, strategies for bridging the differences are provided.

This presentation discusses why miscommunication occurs and provides strategies and suggestions to prevent the miscommunication from the start. I discuss conflict resolution techniques and channel selection.



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The opportunities for sponsorship are wide open as I begin to speak professionally. In the past, I trained, presented and facilitated workshops as a part of my "service" component as a faculty member. Now, I have decided to train and speak on a full-time basis. There is opportunity for service, retail/fashion, health/wellness, and publishing sponsorships.

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