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Stacy Jewell Lewis, is a dynamic speaker who motivates audiences around the world to stand against injustice and create purpose out of life's experiences. As a survivor of domestic sex trafficking, Stacy knows all to well that words have the power to either uplift or tear down the soul. From her Spoken Word piece 10 years & 1 Day to her one woman play 7 Layers Captive, Lewis has mesmerized audiences across America. Using her powerful voice and dynamic creative expression to captivate with every performance.
Today, Lewis is a sought after Motivational Speaker with Survivors of Slavery Speakers Bureau, the National Survivor Network, and WhoisStolen Creative Arts Troupe which she founded. Now using her powerful presentations to advise state agencies and non-profit organizations across the country, Stacy has dedicated herself to standing up for the rights of victims everywhere.
As she often states, “entertainment and media are powerful forms in creating public awareness,” and she believes that helping survivors & advocates find their voice through creative expression is vital to the movement of ending modern day slavery.


Creative Arts, Sex Trafficking Public Awareness, Media, Youth Issues, Human Rights, Social Justice, Women rights, Leadership, Inspiration


Media, entertainment and the creative arts have the ability to reach audiences far greater than a classroom or PowerPoint slide! Using these methods can ignite a cause, launch an idea and create a unique platform that only you can control.

7 Layers Captive is the dramatic true story of one young woman’s horrific abduction into prostitution and her ultimate escape and triumphal survival—told by the woman it all happened to.

Stacy Jewell Lewis, in her own poetic words, will move and inspire audiences by her grit and spirit as she delivers with the authority and authenticity of someone who has been there and back, leaving her heart and soul wide open on stage.

Using the power of music, poetry, and stunning visuals, 7 Layers Captive exposes the psychological programming that takes place in sex trafficking. Highlighting the 19th century propaganda of prostitution and how it influences this 21st century scourge, 7 Layers Captive creates a powerful blend of both historical facts and a true story of a modern-day survivor.

The power of your truth can capture the attention of the masses. The way the story’s told will determine the quality of your audience!



Children and Youth

As a survivor of sex trafficking I understand all to well the risks that face our youth. Whoisstolen is a creative arts troupe that uses the arts to raise public awareness all over the country. From High Schools, to Boys & Girls Clubs, to the Senate Building, our performances educate, entertain and leave lasting impressions on audiences everywhere!

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Sex Trafficking survivor's story is making headlines!! After being recognized as a national survivor leader Stacy Jewell Lewis's stage play "7 Layers Captive" will be playing at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, October 10th 2015. WUSA 9 and countless other media outlets will be covering the story of her journey from her abduction in Washington, DC to her triumph at the Kennedy Center, scheduled to be aired in Sept 2015. Help Stacy tell her story in this prestigious location. Currently only a small gofundme page and her finances are covering the production. This story will be heard all over Washington, DC and some national coverage!

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