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John C. Morley is a Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Marketing Specialist, Talk Show Host, member of the US Press Agency, writer, video producer, and President of his local chamber of Commerce, a 501 (C) (3). John has inspired children and adults of all ages to find their passion. Through his personality and knowledge, he gets people excited to learn about themselves, others, and of course s, science. You can peruse some of the past videos on motivation at YouTube John C. Morley Serial Entrepreneur playlists: Super Motivational Friday and JCM Academy. or by visiting believemeachieve.com to see many of his other fabulous creations.
John also graduated from The Silva Method, Ultra Mind ESP, NLP and is certified in hypnosis, and has dedicated his life to understanding how and why we learn. What makes a desire or thought a reality, and how are people driven to reach their goals? John’s newest Radio Show in NY/NJ is every Tuesday at 10:05 AM. He is here to inspire, educate and help us all become better versions of ourselves in his flagship program IFYL (Inspirations for Your Life).


-Goal Setting
-Business Strategies
-Technology: Engineering, cyber security, IT, Identity Protection


This keynote addresses the concept of people's perspective and how it is created by our senses that are derived from the situation (s) we are all in.

In this presentation, I talk about the three main keys to unlocking language and they are K, V, A or Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory. Everyone has a pattern that makes them comfortable in every situation from buying a car and relationships to just being friends.

In life many people get stuck on manifesting because they listen to others, procrastinate and don't take the time to fully embody the feelings.




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I own several companies and one of them is a full graphic design, print, and video production center that creates whatever we need in-house. Also, I have been a member of the International Press Association for over six years and write informative articles twice a week from 700-1500 words.

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I am passionate about creating content and I live for two reasons every day"
1) To become a better version of myself
2) To help others become better versions of themselves.

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