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Dr. Nicole Bradford is a first-generation college graduate that continues to excel. She is an experienced speaker with over twenty years of experience in the field of education. Dr. Bradford's experience includes serving as a corporate trainer/speaker for companies, colleges/universities, schools, and organizations. Dr. Bradford has truly enjoyed working in the field of education and her presentations continue to inspire teachers, administrators, parents and students all over the world. While working in education Dr. Bradford has served as a Professor, Vice President of Student Services, and Chief Director of Diversity Initiatives. She has also served as a Special Education Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Campus Principal.

Dr. Bradford is a very passionate individual that believes in the importance of living your life to the fullest. Even though she is the youngest of six children, while working a full-time job Dr. Bradford has become the sole care giver for both her mother and father. The daily challenges of life, career, family and caregiving can be disheartening but the experience allowed her to step up and the meet the challenge.

Dr. Bradford's presentations are high energy, fun, convicting, compelling and her life stories allows the audience members to leave with actionable takeaways.


My soul is not for sale!

Lead or get out of the way!

You can't lead scared

Commitment over Compromise

Distractions are Deadly

Quality Care until the end!

Audaciously Authentic!

Fear will either paralyze you or propel you!

Your perspective gives you power or places you in prison!



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The Best YOU Conference
Los Angeles, CA
March 3 - 5, 2023

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The Protect Our Future Workshop has been designed to educate parents on strategies to use when it comes to education and law enforcement to ensure that they are successful.

Open to other opportunities.

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