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What does a young person do when she is derailed from what she thought life was? Truth be told, it breaks you—or you break it! It took work, but Linda Olson broke it. She shattered it! Not in a moment, but in weeks, months, and years of dedication, she labored to rise above her limiting beliefs, fear and self-doubt and discovered her faith was greater than her fears. As she embraced her new belief system, her life took on a whole new perspective. I, then, knew more than anything I wanted to help others discover and tell their story. If I had a story, so did everyone around me. Out of my passion to reach more people and help them believe they have an important story that matters, I began scripting, Your Story Matters! 3 Breakthrough Secrets to Stories That Transform. My new mission is to “Impact a million people a year through story” … and thus my entrepreneurial dream gave birth to Wealth Through Stories, a program that empowers entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches and leaders to share their story wherever they go.


Here are a few sample topics. I am flexible to adapt them to meet your need. * Your Story Matters. (1-6 hours) * Your Story is Your Brand * Three Dangers of Driving People Away When You Want To Connect (60-90 minutes) • 3 Massive Mistakes Business Men & Women Make that Keep Them Frustrated, Discouraged & Feeling Stuck ... and how to turn that around. (60-90 min.) * Letting Go of the Past When It Won't Let Go of You (60-90 Min.)


Your Story Matters! (1-6 hour workshop) "Owning our story and loving ourselves in the process is the bravest thing we will ever do" Brene Brown. Discover: • Clarity & simplicity of sharing your story with ease • How to clearly articulate your story with courage & confidence in 3 min or less. * How to use story to transform a potential lead to becoming a paying client in 2 minutes

3 Dangers of Driving People Away When You Want to Connect (60-90 min.) You never have a second chance to make a first impression Discover • How to respond with confidence when someone asks, “What do you do?” • How to create an instant connection with the person you just met so you will quickly become someone they know, like, and trust. • The simple formula for responding to “What do you do?” that grabs attention in one or two minutes.

Your Story is Your Brand Discover: * What people are Really wanting. * What you are Really offering * How to grab attention in as little as 10 seconds with your Brand story.



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I have partnered with The Real Deal with Barb Marshall. Reaching People Through Real TV, Events, Books & Stories. These are real stories, about real problems that are changing lives. You, too, can become a $20 per month partner or sponsor the show and help change lives. Opportunity to help reach 24 million people.

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Speaker specializes in Brand Story training (Your Story is Your Brand) & can use your brand to demonstrate how to attract new customers. Other Speaking specialities include, How to Attract the People You Want to Reach, (Including your success stories), How to Build Instant Trust & Credibility with Someone You Have Never Met & use your brand to demonstrate this.

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