Speaker Directory

A speaker directory listing is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to get targeted traffic. And it comes from the exact customers you’re trying to reach. Search engines put a lot of weight on topic related backlinks. Being listed in a high ranking speaker site, which is monitored by humans, is invaluable.

Benefits of Being in a Speaker Directory

Keyword focused, quality, one way link

Link building is one of the most powerful things you can do to to drive traffic to your website. But not all links are equal in the eyes of the search engines. A good quality, one way link from a reputable, high ranking directory in your target niche market is one way to assure the search engines will love you. And you can never have too much link love.

Extremely targeted traffic

Just being in a speaker directory with others in your industry helps drive traffic to you. If a meeting planner comes to a site looking for a speaker, she will also see you. Being listed in the same place as your competition can be a good thing. A meeting planner who needs one speaker will also be looking for other speakers. This is one reason being listed on a niche speaker directory is better than a general directory. Expose yourself to new clients every day. In the search engine’s opinion, being on several good, quality niche directories is better than being on 100 general ones.

Much cheaper than advertising

You could easily go through $100 in PPC ads or other forms of advertising, and it’s something you have to continuously keep up. If you run out of money, your ad goes down. With a directory, that same $100 would last you for a whole year and would be driving traffic on autopilot. It reaches exactly the customers you’re trying to reach.

Tax deduction for a Speaker Directory

Being listed on a directory is a business write-off for speakers, authors, consultants and entertainers. Look at it as an inexpensive marketing tool that can be written off on your taxes.


You have the control to change or add content to your online listing whenever you want. You can’t do that with a printed directory.

Thought leadership

Being in a targeted industry directory with other people who are thought leaders, puts you in the same category.

Being listed in a niche directory in your target industry is one of the most important marketing tools you can use as a speaker.


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