An inspirational speaker may motivate us to make a change or inspire us to improve our lives. But what if an inspirational speaker actually saved the life of someone in the audience? This was a question I posed to a group of cause speakers. Here are their stories:

Alexis Moore

“At a speaking engagement, a member of the audience was experiencing domestic violence in their relationship. During October Domestic Violence Awareness month, the audience member came to one of my speaking engagements and listened to me share my story. An audience member was at the point of wanting to take her own life because of how bad and miserable her situation was. After listening to me speak about my attempted suicide, and why I was so glad that I didn’t take my own life.. well it inspired her not to take her’s. She contacted me months later to thank me for speaking out about abuse, and for helping to inspire her to flee the abusive relationship she was in and restart her life.”

Alexis Moore is a risk management consultant, author of the book Cyber Self-Defense and a speaker on topics pertaining to cybercrime and abuse, including domestic violence. (more…)

The term “motivational speaker” may have developed a bad rap because of so many motivational speakers who just fire up the audience but don’t really give them any solid advice for what they need to do once they leave. But a good motivational speaker will incorporate high energy motivation with user-friendly tips to help their audience improve their lives in some way. They should also weave in stories of people who have achieved great things and give the audience the hope that they could also achieve greatness if they apply themselves. They should leave the audience with a call to action.

An inspirational speaker, on the other hand, delivers a real and inspiring message of overcoming obstacles. Though the two overlap, an inspirational speaker is usually telling their own story of overcoming hardship more than just using generic stories. An inspirational speaker should instill a message of hope that they can succeed against all odds, no matter how rough life gets. They may or may not leave the audience with a call to action, but do leave them inspired. (more…)