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It is often said that teams are only as good as the person who leads them.
Meet the woman who believes and supports the notion that leadership of self must come before leadership of others.

Stacy Wood, founder of Through the Woods Consulting, is a published author, dynamic speaker, certified coach, and a seasoned facilitator. She brings a wealth of leadership, training, and sales experience into her boutique consulting practice from years as a successful medical sales consultant, time as an adjunct professor with the University of Richmond, as a former training manager with Novartis Animal Health, and her certifications as both a DiSC trainer and ICF approved coach. Current high-profile assignments include her role as a Coach within CHIEF and as the faculty lead for the Women in Medicine Summit's ‘Leadership Primer’.

Stacy speaks on the power of self-leadership, infused with the impact of connective communication. Additionally, you will find her passionately sharing the message of women’s leadership development with the aid of her signature framework, the ‘Steppingstones of Success’.

She can be found speaking to a wide variety of corporate groups, as well as notable industry and organizational conferences including: Women in Healthcare Conference, AVMA Leadership Conference, Women in Medicine Summit, The WILDwood Symposium, LeadHERship Summit, and Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.

In addition to inspirational speaking at conferences and meetings, Stacy works with motivated women and top corporations to provide executive coaching, interactive workshops, and retreats. Stacy’s clientele list boasts firms such as KPMG, Becton Dickinson, Dominion Energy, Genworth Financial, Uniformed Service University of the Health Sciences, Markel, West Virginia University School of Medicine, Williams Mullen Attorneys, and many others.

The WILDwood Collective was developed by Stacy to provide a professional community for women who are committed to next-level leadership, with the aid of coaching and a network of other women in leadership.
A degree in Animal and Equine Sciences has led her to develop unique equine assisted coaching programs, utilizing her ‘Equine Factor’ design. Her book, “Journey Through the Woods: A Self-Guided Coaching Workbook for Motivated Women” was published in 2019. The anticipated release of her second book, “Own Your Journey” is planned for 2023.


1. Running With The Herd
2. Communication is Easy, Connection is Hard
3. Leadership is a 4-Letter Word
4. 6 Steppingstones of Success in Women'sLeadership


Leadership is a 4-Letter Word:
When analyzing the Nature of Leadership, we discover a pivotal 4-letter word which largely determines one’s success as a great Leader: S-E-L-F. Self-limiting behaviors/beliefs are often what keeps us from becoming a great Leader. When we fail to step up our game of Self-Leadership, we are planning to fail as an effective Leader.
In this talk, Stacy reveals how Self-Leadership & excellence in communication join forces to create the foundational forces of Natural Leadership. Awareness of Self; Management of Self; Wellness of Self; Resilience of Self; Belief in Self … and so many more key functions are reveled in this discussion of SELF to prepare you as a great leader.

1- Audience will examine self-limiting behaviors that may be holding them back.
2- Audience will understand what it takes to be an excellent leader to others.
3- Audience will embrace the changes required to rise to next-level leadership.

We are so busy running with the herd that we become too exhausted to rest, catch our breath, and to look around in search of YOUR best path forward.
I’ve been caught in the herd, too; I have found myself running as fast as I could to nowhere, more than once. I want to share my journey of exhaustion, failure, and pivoting with you in hopes of inspiring you to own your individual journey by embracing the formula for self-leadership.

1- Audience will be inspired by an alternate path to manage overwhelm and burnout.
2- Audience will learn the 4 corners of self-leadership that make it possible to break free from the herd.
3- Audience will be able to embrace the option to own their journey.

The Fine-Line between Communication and Connection:
Communication is often referred to as a toggle between speaking and listening. However, when we dig past the surface of basic communication, we find a deeper thread of connection. Truly connecting with others requires us to evaluate our blind spots, and most individuals require training to understand how to master this skill.

1- Audience will discover the key breakdowns in connection that occur in daily communication, and why that matters
2- Audience will value the impact of connection through effective communication
3- Audience will understand the four key differences in communication, and how to use those for greater connection



Health and Disease

The Women in Medicine Summit is a two day CME conference focused on inspiring and empowering attendees in both their personal and professional lives. The Summit includes keynote addresses, plenary sessions, breakout sessions, mentorship sessions, networking and more. Attendees will learn skills in leadership development, negotiation, navigating difficult situations, finding a balance in professional and personal life, ways to accelerate career advancement and more. Our goal is to not only provide attendees with take home skills and toolkits, but also create communities across the country of women (and allies!) to help lift each other up and achieve satisfaction and enjoyment in both professional and personal lives. Join us for this unique transformative conference.

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At the Women in Medicine Summit, we strive to provide our attendees with valuable insights and thought-provoking discussions on a wide range of topics. To achieve this, we are seeking a sponsor who can help support the presence of a distinguished public speaker and leadership development expert, Stacy Wood. We believe that Stacy's expertise and captivating delivery will greatly contribute to the overall experience of our audience.

Stacy Wood is a renowned speaker, well-known for her extensive knowledge and ability to engage audiences. She specializes in leadership development, work-life balance, and effective communication within the workplace. Her expertise aligns perfectly with our goal of inspiring and empowering women in the medical field to achieve professional success while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We are requesting sponsorship support to cover Stacy Wood's travel expenses, including flight and hotel accommodations, as well as a contribution towards her speaking fee. The Women in Medicine Summit has allotted a speaking fee of $250, which falls short of the value Stacy Wood brings to our event. Therefore, we are aiming to secure a sponsor who can provide a minimum contribution of $2,000 to ensure Stacy's presence and cover her expenses.

By partnering with us as a sponsor, your organization will gain prominent visibility throughout the summit. We will acknowledge your generous support through various means, including logo placement in our promotional materials, website, and event signage. Additionally, we are open to discussing further opportunities to showcase your organization's commitment to empowering women in medicine.

Stacy Wood's presentation topics are aligned with the interests and needs of our audience. Her sessions include

Leadership Development: Stacy will share essential skills and qualities necessary for effective leadership in the modern workplace. She will equip attendees with practical strategies to inspire and motivate their teams, navigate challenges, and drive organizational success.

Work-Life Balance: Stacy will provide actionable tips and real-life examples to help individuals achieve a healthy work-life balance. Her expertise will guide attendees in prioritizing self-care, setting boundaries, and optimizing their work-life integration.

Effective Communication within the Workplace: Stacy will offer valuable insights and practical techniques to enhance interpersonal communication, foster a positive work environment, and build strong collaborative relationships. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of effective communication strategies, active listening, conflict resolution, and the power of empathy in creating a thriving workplace culture.
We believe that your organization's support will not only contribute to the success of the Women in Medicine Summit but also align your brand with the values of empowering women and fostering professional growth. We kindly request you to consider this sponsorship opportunity and contribute to making a lasting impact on our attendees.

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