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Married 50 years to a minister and three children, five grandchildren. I speak about the things that are common to others, but give hope to people facing challenges of caring for others. I have been a Realtor many years, but found I love helping families learn to care and cope with issues. I am a Certified Life Coach, and PTSD coach. I have been in 4 books & my own is about to be released. IT TAKES COURAGE TO BE A CAREGIVER is due out and will be on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I am about to be in another book, BEHIND HER BRAND, book 6.


Having faced challenges of caring for a child with special needs, I encourage parents (especially moms) to know their child and believe they know their child better than anyone. It takes boldness to get the necessary schooling and therapies. Learn how to navigate the maze of information and find the latest on research for issues that are in your own family. Get support and learn who has gone through the problems you now face. Find out how they got equipment, therapy or a doctor who knows and understands your specific needs. If you are caring for someone, you have to learn to care for yourself first. Having faced almost every problem others can face (job loss, little finances, struggles in relationships, etc) I help couples know that is normal and working together is much easier than divorce. I try to inspire others to keep on being committed to one another and their family members. It can be done. When you are ready to retire, find a way to be of service and do something more with your life you always wanted to do! Repurpose your life and enjoy the time you can mentor others and have a great influence in the lives of grandchildren.


What do these three things have in common? A Caregiver!! Caring for others requires a lot of courage. Hope is what we offer others when they see our example of caring for family members.
It takes some humor to get through the day! Don't forget to laugh about things that are fun, never at someone, but with them! Caregivers are stronger than they think they are. They do not feel courageous, but they are,. It is important to see others fulfilling that role, and learning the lessons they have learned.

Few of us want to be responsible for our parents, but life often throws us the need to care for parents. What is it like to be the parent of a parent? How can we help our parents not feel helpless, but respect them for caring for us. Some tips about Hard talks we have to have with them, and finding solutions that are acceptable for our parents & our children. The Sandwich Generation is often caring for both their parents and their children or grandchildren. How can we manage it all?

Caregivers are some of the best employees, but not often recognized as such. They are dependable, but need flexibility for those unexpected times they come in late or have to leave early to care for a family member. If they were not so dedicated, they would not still be working. Employers need to understand their circumstances and be more flexible to help the employee last longer and not add to the feeling of being overwhelmed.



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I am a voice for those who have no voice and try to support those who are caregivers of those with special needs or of parents with Alzheimer's or Dementia. It is a difficult stage of life when families get the news that a parent or child needs to be cared for the rest of their lives. It often requires a person to quit a job they love or need to be home. It is a lonely job and caregivers are not understood. I want to make a difference in their lives and the lives of those who need their help. We need to bring awareness of their special issues.

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Global radio host on a weekly program to support those who are caring for others. We talk about issues like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, caring for parents with Alzheimer's or Dementia, or wounded warriors or PTSD. It is an informative platform on Past programs can be listened to, but it is live at 9 pm eastern on Monday nights.

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