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I have comprehensive Military and Police as well as Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert career experiences in the U.S. and overseas. Based on all these experiences, I have several training/speaker opportunities currently available to better educate all professionals on radicalization/terrorism, the global spread of ISIS and its localized threat in the U.S.and Western Hemisphere as well as lessons learned from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Military – As a young Marine, I deployed to Operations Desert Shield/Storm. Years later I enlisted in the Army National Guard deploying to Iraq as an infantryman in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).

Police – As a police officer in a city often named “the most violent city in America”, I had a variety of experiences. After several years as a patrolman, I began as a young investigator in a plainclothes undercover narcotics unit responsible for investigating drug trafficking in neighborhoods in the southern districts of the city. Next assignment was to a city-wide enforcement unit responsible for the suppression of gang/gun/drug crimes and arrest of violent offenders. This assignment included targeting violent drug factions at war in the community by investigative and street enforcement actions as well as interdicting street gang wars by focusing on removing illegal firearms by identifying, locating and arresting gang suspects in possession. After 9-11 the entire enforcement unit was given additional duties as trained and designated the first responding police to any terrorist attack in the community and eventually absorbed the SWAT team handling all hostage situations and “high risk” tactical building entries in the city. As a tactical officer, I have participated in hundreds of real world SWAT operations.

Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert – After leaving the police department, I began a 5 year stint in a DoD Law Enforcement Program. I served multiple years in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In Iraq, I served 16 months in Ninewa Province - Mosul and Tal Afar -dealing with groups such as the predecessor to ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq. This included enabling investigations of terrorist’s networks by U.S. and Iraqi forces via advising/assisting intelligence gathering during combat operations, recovering evidence for forensic/intel exploitation on the scenes of raids and other type operations as well as additional law enforcement related actions that assisted in the targeting of entire terrorist organizations. I have conducted a host of criminal interviews with many different types of terrorist actors. For majority of four years in Afghanistan, I served as mentor/advisor to a “vetted” Afghan police undercover team combating IED/Insurgent/ Terrorist networks and their “street level” activity. This assignment included traveling and operating in an undercover/ covert manner in Afghan communities to meet with undercover operatives and other individuals while mentoring investigations as well as participating in Afghan led "high-risk" search/arrests operations. This Afghan assignment was under the command and supported U.S/NATO Special Forces. I have also trained local U.S. police on radicalization/ terrorism and U.S. Partner Nation NATO forces in Europe on law enforcement tactics.

I am ready to serve the security needs of your company and organization by educating all its members on proactive action for better safety in this current environment of enhanced dangers.


The topics available include:

Speaker - ISIS Radicalization and Terrorism in our local U.S. communities - This discussion gives an overview of the "street level" dynamics occurring in all 50 U.S. states. The dangers in the U.S. are homegrown terrorist connected virtually to the ISIS global network. The potential ISIS plotters and attackers in the U.S. are focused on perpetrating deadly acts in communities they have grown up and reside. It is important that community leaders & civic decision-makers, law enforcement and business/corporations all understand the local ISIS "street level" dynamics" and work together to make the community and its institutions more resilient from dangers of this localized terrorist threat.

Webinar - Homegrown Radicalization and Terrorism in the Americas – Hospitality Industry Threat, educates professionals on the current dangers from ISIS and Al-Qaeda associated threats in North/South America, the Caribbean along with global dynamics. This session includes recommendations on actions to better protect hospitality locations.

Class - Combat Law Enforcement in Iraq and Afghanistan is based on my multi year experiences in these two war zones, the story is told of U.S. efforts, through a program created in necessity, to utilize policing methods to successfully confront street level and network activity of IED, insurgent and terrorist groups in these conflict zones. This includes investigations I directly participated while operating in both countries.

Speaker - I have law enforcement expertise based on my experiences both stateside and overseas with different aspects of street crime,radicalization and terrorism. This combination of urban policing lessons as related to the current threat activity from groups such as ISIS, gives me a unique perspective to present facts and answer questions about the "street level" dangers during discussions on terrorism.



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Sponsorship Opportunity

(Open-Negotiable) ISIS Radicalization and Terrorism in our local communities - can be presented in a formal or informal form that includes during seminars, breakout session or other type of meeting engagements.

($5,000 - $10,000) The webinar Homegrown Radicalization and Terrorism in the Americas - Hospitality Industry Threat can accommodate up to 1,000 participants at a time. This 2.5 hour session can be scheduled for participation by individuals all over the globe in a single event at a time. This activity has been approved for 2.5 HR (General) re-certification credit hours toward aPHR™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™, SPHRi™ re certification through HR Certification Institute's® (HRCI®). For more information visit

($1,000 - $5000) Combat Law Enforcement in Iraq and Afghanistan is a 2.5 hour session that can be scheduled for class or meeting room participants.

(Open) Speaker "street level" terrorism is flexible in time and locations as dictated by organizers of events.

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