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Judith is a Professional Speaker, Trainer, Mentor and certified "DreamBuilder" Life Coach.

She has been speaking, coaching and empowering people for more than 20 years and is extremely excited to add the DreamBuilder Program to her suite of training programs. Using principles from this transformational, step-by-step system, she guides her audiences to discover, design, and apply techniques to create a life they LOVE living in the areas of health and wellness, relationships, vocation, and time/money freedom. She likes to say her audiences learn how to create a life by DESIGN instead of by DEFAULT!

Judith is certified by the Life Mastery Institute as a DreamBuilder Coach, has earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology, an International Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. She has had the great honor of working with organizations and individuals all over the world in such industries as Information Technology, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological, as well as Philanthropic Institutions, and more.

Judith can offer a number of programs in full-day, half-day and customized formats for large or small groups, in-house corporate trainings, executive and personal retreats, or keynote speeches. Whether it's a short talk, a Lunch & Learn training, a motivating keynote speech, or an afternoon workshop - your group, organization, or company will be ignited by this talk, and will "THANK YOU" for bringing Judith to them.


Fulfillment of Life Purpose, Goal Mastery, Enhancing Self-Esteem, Befriending Fear, Creating Abundance, Increasing Self-Awareness, Relationship Development, Accessing and Utilizing Personal Power, Intuition Development


Discovering Your Dream
• Learning to listen and identify your longings and discontent.
• Writing a list of what you want more of and what you want less of.

Designing and Testing Your Dream
• Imagining and designing a written blueprint of a life you would love living in four domains: health, relationships, vocation and time and money freedom.
• Testing the dream with these 5 questions:
1. Does imagining living my dream give me more LIFE?
2. Does this dream align with my CORE VALUES?
3. Will creating this dream cause me to GROW?
4. Does my dream require help from a HIGHER POWER; a help greater
than my intellect?
5. Will creating this dream bring GOOD FOR OTHERS?

Deserving – Increasing Your Sense of Deserving
• Redefining what makes you deserving of your dream: You are deservingbecause you are breathing.
• Increasing the amount of good you will allow in your life.

FEAR – Befriending Your Fear
• Learning the source and meaning of fear.
• Discovering that transformation of fear has nothing to do with getting fear to go away.
• Learning to act in your own best interest even when afraid.

LACK – Welcoming A Greater Flow of Abundance
• Developing an understanding of the invisible laws that govern supply.
• Learning to activate the law of receiving through giving.

PERCEPTIONS – Evolving Your Perceptions
• Successive re-patterning of perceptions for allowing more flow through the practice of forgiveness.

Listening to the Still, Small Voice
• Learning to recognize the voice of inspired insight.
• Activating more awareness and answers through the art of asking empowering questions.

Harnessing the power of believing
• Understanding the definition and power of a true Partner in Believing.
• Deciding for creating at least one true Partner in Believing.
• Creating a support system between you and your Partner in Believing.

Turning Failure Into A Stepping Stone
• Discover the purpose of what is commonly called “failure.”
• Learning to turn any failure from a stumbling block into a powerful stepping stone


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