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Alyscia was raised with a Caribbean heritage, her parents being from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Her hometown is Corona, NY but she now resides in the Washington, DC area with her husband and three children. An author, speaker and an accomplished photographer who has contributed to such outlets as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, America Online and the Smithsonian Institution, Alyscia Cunningham graduated from Montgomery College with degrees in photography and web design. Alyscia has exhibited her photography throughout the United States and took part in many speaking engagements including the Aging Society of America Aging in America Conference and the Women's Museum of California in San Diego, California and the Women's National Democratic Club in Washington, DC, to name a few.


Embracing Our Natural Beauty, Embracing Our Natural Beauty As We Age, Self-Love and Acceptance, Understanding Visual Learning


When you look view the horizon of beautiful island, do you simply admire the beauty or do you notice the bumps along the road? As women and girls, we tend to be very critical our not only ourselves but each other as well. We criticize our hair, bodies, skin tone...anything that has to do with self-image. The worst things is we pass on this attitude to our younger general of women. Let's talk about how our bodies are just as the land, beautiful and radiant is it's own natural shape and form. We must develop positive outlooks about ourselves in order to change the negative perception we put on one another. Let's see ourselves beautiful.

Please consider the following visioning exercise: Reflect upon your everyday mindset while looking at your image in a mirror. Do you feel any different about the fundamental worth of your image now as compared to fifteen years ago? If not, consider the fact that, by contrast, for many women in our society the visible effects of aging bring forth feelings of deep shame and self-doubt. From birth to old age, women transition through a range of physical, psychological, and emotional phases that are recorded on their faces. Feminine Transitions: A Photographic Celebration of Natural Beauty unmasks women from their makeup to exquisitely demonstrate that, by definition, each phase of the courageous life-journey called womanhood – the early AND the late – is, in its own unique way, naturally beautiful.

Do you understand we all learn differently? Some students can sit and listen to a lecture for hours and leave the classroom with a full understanding of the topic of discussion. For others, the conversation goes right over their head. Not one or the other is better. However, as students we much know which method best fits our learning ability. Visual learners simply comprehend lessons better when they are either hands on or view imagery rather than words. Most artist are visual learners. Once a student understands and incorporates exercises that fit her/his own needs, schooling and life in general becomes less of a struggle.



Women's Issues

Through my talk and book I am promoting and celebrating the natural beauty of girls and women at all stages of life. 5% of all sales proceeds from "Feminine Transitions" and "I am more than my hair" and monies raised via this platform will be donated to a women's and children's empowerment organization.

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