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Brian Smith was born in Australia, where he developed his love of surfing. A chartered accountant, he studied at the UCLA Graduate School of Management, and with $500 of start-up money, he founded UGG Imports to bring sheepskin footwear to America. After seventeen years, as sales reached $15 million, he sold the business to Deckers Outdoor Corporation. The UGG brand has since exceeded $1 billion of international sales times over. A passionate innovator and entrepreneur, Brian is one of the most sought after business leaders in the country today. As a media guest and inspiring speaker, he is committed to teaching his breakthrough business strategies to entrepreneurs and translating personal vision and spirituality into company culture. Brian spends his time with family and friends in Southern California, still surfs, plays golf and attempts to improve the planet everyday.


As Founder of UGG, I learned from the school of hard knocks how to deal with: FEAR - Dealing with the ever-present reality of uncertainty LETTING GO - Releasing things you cannot control LOYALTY - Passionate dedication to customers, employers and the vision SPIRITUALITY - An understanding of what creates peace and perspective in life ENJOYING THE PROCESS - The tadpole principle of being in the NOW RESILIENCE - The ability to get back up after setbacks My talk encompasses these key concepts to leave the audience renewed on their entrepreneurial path and inspired to continue to brave the journey ahead.


UGG Founder Brian Smith shows how you can utilize the most amazing power of the Universe from within you to succeed in your life and business. Every business owner and entrepreneur begins their venture optimistically, but the passage of time allows disappointments, uncertainties, difficulties and apparent defeat creep into their lives. On the darkest nights, your mind replays a feeling of dread that makes you want to give up. Brian will share real life experiences of how he harvested the amazing power available to everyone, and utilized it to emerge from fear and live a life of joy and abundance (mostly…because he’s not done yet!). He shows how to overcome doubt and impatience in such a natural way that you can get back to enjoying the dream of self-sufficiency that began your own journey.

Few people know that I decided to QUIT the UGG business four times in the seventeen years I spent building it. I share three powerful philosophical truths that kept me “keeping on” to overcome seemingly impossible barriers and apparent defeat. Accentuated by real-life stories from the early days of UGG, I take the audience on a trail of highs and lows, problems and solutions that will resonate with their core beliefs. This Keynote talk has moved audiences from near-tears to standing ovations as listeners identify solutions for their own business conduct and rally with a newfound enthusiasm to succeed.

Targeted to college students in business and entrepreneurial schools, I explain the main secret for them to discover their own path, and recognize opportunity as it presents itself. Using this secret, I give case studies of how several people have gone from “no clue” to becoming passionate about their chosen fields. I teach the various phases of start-up common to all new businesses and provide solutions.



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