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Rob “Coach Rob” Swineford is a keynote speaker and corporate trainer who helps companies, schools and organizations of all types improve their players and strengthen their teams. Coach Rob is the co-founder and former owner of National Messenger, Orange County’s largest same day delivery service. He was a youth basketball coach for 19 years and previously operated The Game of a Lifetime® Basketball Academy where he taught young people through his academy slogan: “Life’s Fundamentals through Sport”. Today Coach Rob still works with the new ownership of his company and also serves as a corporate trainer for companies of all kinds. His passion is Communication Training. Through his unique P5 Presentation System© he teaches his clients the essential elements for making speeches sensational, presentations powerful and meetings matter. Rob is also the author of “Four Bits – 50 Thoughts on Life, Laughter and Love”.


In this inspirational presentation Coach Rob helps the audience learn and participate in his unique five step strategy for formulating and achieving powerful visions for our future. The presentation is designed for personal pursuits as well as for group objectives and for the leaders who must learn to inspire their team to achieve important initiatives, fundamental to the organizations future.

Coach Rob is dedicated to helping people discover that with a few simple strategies our public speaking paradigm can be changed from dreadful to delightful. His presentations are always fun, entertaining and interactive. In this presentation you will . . . * Learn how to structure a presentation for flow and effectiveness * Find out what questions must be answered before you speak to establish a purpose that serves * Learn how silence plays a part in a great talk and how pace is vital for a comfortable cadence * Understand the several ways you can actually build collaboration with your audience * See how confidence comes quick to those who have a method for their message Each of us has something to share, that when presented effectively, can be memorable for others. Whether your intent is to inform, entertain, teach or inspire this workshop will provide you with a method so that your message is never missed. Your next audience will thank you!

In his Leadership for a Lifetime presentation Coach Rob reveals the real fundamentals of becoming a great leader. He teaches how to Impress, Improve and Inspire any team in any circumstance. With wit and wisdom he shares a vitally important talk through engaging segments such as . . . * The Five Core Fundamentals of Lasting Leadership * The Leadership Myth / Rewriting the Leadership Playbook * Little Leaders / What Kids Teach Us about Leadership * Every Day - Every Play Leadership * Becoming an Individual of Impact To be great leaders and to develop great leaders we must stay true to the fundamentals that remain the foundation of the great organizations of the 21st century.



Children and Youth

I believe that many of our youth are struggling today to be optimistic about their future and they have become cynical as to what is really possible for them in the future. My mission is to demonstrate to young people how to use the incredible gift of vision we have all been given and to educate them on what is really required if dreams are to come true so that they may learn to live a life inspired by the knowledge of what really can be.

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