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Julie Austin is an award-winning author, inventor, futurist and innovation keynote speaker She’s an internationally known thought leader on the topic of innovation, and CEO of the consulting firm Creative Innovation Group. She’s been a keynote innovation speaker for corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Northrop Grumman, and Cognizant Technology Solutions. She’s also been featured in the books “Patently Female” and “Girls Think of Everything”. Her patented product, swiggies, wrist water bottles, have been a NASDAQ product of the year semi finalist and are currently sold in 24 countries. Julie and her products have appeared on The Today Show, The Queen Latifa Show, HGTV, Lifetime, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, Inc. magazine, Fast Company, and the Wall Street Journal, along with dozens of TV shows, magazines and radio shows around the world. Her new book “The Money Garden: How to Plant the Seeds for a Lifetime of Income” is currently available on Amazon. Julie comes from a background in the TV & film industry and has had jobs as diverse as commercial actor and TV host to TV/film distributor/writer, so she knows the creative, as well as the business side, and customizes her speeches for the audience she’s speaking to.


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All innovation starts with great ideas. You may be number one now, but if you’re not innovating, your competition is, and they will knock you out of the lead. To stay ahead you need to constantly reinvent and have new ideas ready to go. Julie knows a thing or two about innovation. She’s an inventor/innovator that turned $5.00 and a lump of clay into an international, NASDAQ winning product. Julie is frequently featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Inventor’s Digest, CBS Money Watch, Newsday and the International Business Times as an innovation expert. Your attendees will learn: * How and why you need to generate new ideas * How to become number one in your market and stay there * Why you need to incorporate “play” into your office space * How to encourage your employees to want to innovate Your employees will be excited about creating, and will come back with hands-on knowledge they can use to solve problems, create new products & services, and learn new ways of doing business that will boost your company’s bottom line.

People are 20 times more likely to remember facts if they are woven around a compelling story. Great leaders know this. They also know you have to tell those stories with true passion that comes from the heart. Great leaders know that if you want to get people to give you money, vote for you, green light your projects, inspire employees, or buy your products, you have to have a good story behind it. As the gate keep for an international Academy Award winning production company, Julie dishes the insider secrets on how to construct a great story. She’s worked in the development of over 1,000 scripts and heard numerous pitches, requesting funding from $50,000 to 5 million dollars. Your attendees will learn: * How to get people to rally around your cause * Why people need heroes and where you can find them * How to get people to remember and repeat your stories

A visionary is someone who comes up with great ideas. A missionary is someone who carries out those great ideas. Where visionaries are the thinkers, missionaries are the doers. A visionary with lots of great ideas who never does anything about them won’t get very far. And a missionary with no great ideas also won’t get very far. But if you combine great ideas with action you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. This keynote is for non-profits and religious organizations that want to inspire their volunteers and congregations to take action based on a common passion and purpose. Here’s what your attendees will learn: * How to generate passion in your team * How to write a mission statement and really live it * How to get others to believe in your vision As an inventor and international business owner, Julie has been both a visionary and a missionary, leading a team of distributors around the world in a common goal. She will inspire your audience to take action with their own teams.




50% of all proceeds from my speech "Are You a Missionary or a Visionary?" go to the Doggie Food Bank, which feeds dogs of the homeless and poor.

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