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LaPora Lindsey, is a Certified Workforce Development Professional who is passionate about inspiring and educating on self-worth in the workplace. With over 14 years of experience in career services, she has assisted individuals and groups through training, one-on-one sessions, and impactful keynotes.

In 2008, LaPora became a military spouse and faced multiple challenges in her career which led to numerous episodes of unemployment. However, her unwavering determination led her to study various aspects of career development and create opportunities wherever she was stationed. This personal journey inspired her to help others who were experiencing similar hardships and feeling devalued in the workplace.
LaPora's story is one of resilience and resourcefulness. Her insights and experience have made her a highly sought-after speaker and trainer, and she continues to share her knowledge and insights through her writing and training sessions.

In 2022, LaPora self-published her first book, Bottom of the Food Chain, which has received positive reviews.

With credentials including an MSA in Public Administration/BA in Organizational Communication, and certifications in: Workforce Development, Emotional Intelligence, and Career Coaching LaPora is a true expert in her field. Her passion for helping others find success and fulfillment in their careers is both infectious and inspiring, making her a compelling and impactful speaker.


Self-Worth, Emotional Intelligence, and Handling Rejection. These topics are requested to assist with Career Progression, Performance Improvement, and Organizational Development.

I have provided three Sample workshops/ presentation in this profile, however, I currently have nine workshops each ranging in length from 30 minutes-4 hours formats that I can deliver at any time.


One of the best keynotes and workshops to inspire talent development within an organization and also results in performance improvement. Recognize the power at all levels in an organizational structure and develop a better understanding of the challenges that can prevent performance improvement. Presentation focuses on self-worth and rejection.
▪ Logistics:
o Duration: 60 minutes to 4 hours. Can be delivered virtually or in-person.
o Class comes with materials delivered either electronically or printed.

EQ is one of the highest predictors of success in employment. Develop personal competence and social competence to improve your job search, build satisfaction, and improved team collaboration.
▪ Logistics:
o Duration: 60 minutes to 4 hours. Can be delivered virtually or in-person.
o Class comes with materials delivered either electronically or printed.

Rejection is never easy to deal with, especially in your career, but sometimes it can be valuable. Instead of taking each 'no' as a personal attack, you can learn from these moments by learning strategic ways to handle the rejection. If you work past the initial sting, you may end up ahead in your career search.
(This workshops is requested primarily by job support groups.)
▪ Logistics:
o Duration: 60 minutes to 2 hours. Can be delivered virtually or in-person.
o Class comes with materials delivered either electronically or printed.




Value to Sponsor

  • Event Signage
  • Facebook (+500 Friends)
  • LinkedIn (+500 Connections)
  • Blog Posts
Other Value:

➡️ I typically receive 2-5 speaking requests per month for various events. Unfortunately, most of these requests are for unpaid events, and I am no longer able to accommodate all of them due to balancing events that are also paid. While my social media platform has yet to reach desired numbers (currently around 2,500 and growing), I have experience presenting to groups of 50-500 people both virtually and in-person, from various locations.

I have found that each presentation I give leads to additional offers to speak elsewhere. I am confident in my ability to provide value through my presentations, but I understand that not everyone I serve can afford it.

Ultimately, the key to bringing value to you as a sponsor is to understand your goals and needs, and to work collaboratively with you to develop a customized approach that meets your specific objectives. I am willing and able to work closely with you so that we can build a strong and mutually beneficial relationship that delivers value to all parties.

Sponsorship Opportunity

➡️ March 24th in person workshop for PSG of Mercer County.
➡️ April 15th Resume Workshop for MyCareerTransition.
➡️ April/May I will facilitate a 4-hour workshop for youth ages 17-24 in Monmouth County.
➡️I This fall I will facilitate a Professional Development Session for Startup Fellow-Black Sisters In STEM
➡️Several other tentative offers lined up to speak at local colleges and universities in the fall and to present to Job Seeker Support Groups.
➡️I would be happy to discuss specifics and once a sponsor is secured I can work in tandem with event coordinators and you (the sponsor) to nail down specifics.

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