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I have done sales and marketing work in the business field most of my adult career of the last 30 years. I have learned the most from being an entrepreneur and self-employed. There have been times when I had to rebuild companies and start over and each time that happened I took those Lessons Learned and moved them forward with me into the future. I have operated in the tree business most of these past 7 years. It has been a great experience serving the customer and taking care of complicated trees before they became a threat to the customer's home and their way of life. In October 2012, I fell from a tree that I was working in. After 40 days in the Hospital and 30 days of in-patient Hospital rehab, I came home for out-patient rehab which was expected to take at least a year. If you have ever had to deal with high level depression and/or anxiety, you may be able to relate to those struggles. Defining myself after the injury, not being sure how the injury would affect my ability to provide for my family and dealing with nerve damage to my left hand that the doctor said was likely permanent. Eventually, I was able to turn the business back on after recruiting 3 different companies to do the work while I sell the jobs. Starting in July 2016, I was given the privilege of leading the men's weekly prayer breakfast for our church. In the 8 months with that responsibility, I grew from being nervous that I would have difficulty delivering a 2 page paper on the topic of anger to eventually coming in regularly with 5 pages of notes but the clock ran out before I could finish. I enjoy dialogue from smaller groups where the format has lots of thought provoking questions so the listener is challenged to learn. I enjoy preparing topical speeches from topics chosen by the audience especially when there is a long term frequency of meetings.


Make yourself more indispensible to the people in your life. Wisdom from the Bible is very practical in today's thinking.



I encourage people with disabilities to look past their limitations. God made you for a purpose. Joni Erickson-Tada has been a quadraplegic for 50 years. She went through depression, anxiety and many more challenges. Her life story is a moving tale of how God strengthened her and helped her have the resolve to start an organization serving handicapped people and she got married; just to name a few of her accomplishments. She is a hero to many.

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