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With 28 years of teaching and presenting experience, Richard Bellman assists leaders and entrepreneurs with leadership training, motivational seminars and life and business coaching. Richard’s unique and extensive experience in training, leadership, and coaching , compared with many other speakers who try to present only one topic, provides a unique and transformative experience for his clients.

Prior to launching his own motivational speaking business, Richard was the President and Lead Instructor of his company, A Plus Food Safety, a Food Safety Certification Training and Examination Proctoring business working with the restaurant managers and employees. He assisted in the training and examination certification for Chipotle Mexican Grill; IHOP; Westin Bonaventure Hotel; and school districts and independent restaurants around the United States for six years..

Currently, Richard’s clients encompass a large variety of industries, allowing him to successfully meet his clients’ needs regardless of their profession or trade. Some of his most recent clients include: The Commerce Casino and Hotel; The West Covina Unified School District; and Chipotle Mexican Grill, to name a few.

 His successful experience as a speaker include John Maxwell’s Everyone Communicates and Few Connect,The 15 Steps to Leadership, and Start Here: How to Change Your Life No Matter Where You are in Life; and Ask for More: 6 Ways to Accept Abundance in Your Life.

Richard graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a minor in English. He also earned a Master of Arts in Negotiation and Conflict Management from California State University Dominguez Hills in Carson, California.

Richard is active in the personal growth and coaching community.In 2011. He achieved the Century Anger Management Level 2 Provider Training. In 2012, Richard became a Life Coach through the Fowler International Academy of Personal Coaching. Later, he earned the Certified Provider title through Anderson and Anderson Anger Management and Counseling Services in Los Angeles, CA


Gratitude; Customer Service; Personal Growth


The sharing economy has allowed retirees, millennials and the underemployed a chance at entrepreneurship. Will this new economy mean the end of jobs as we know it? What about retirement, health insurance, liability insurance, income taxes and promotional opportunities. Will the sharing economy make the normal job market obsolete?

Brands increasingly use loyalty programs to keep customers loyal to the brands which activate and promote them. This presentation discusses the history of customer service programs and how using a platform of gratitude can enhance the brand's loyalty to the customer. Customers want to be valued and appreciated. They want a unique shopping experience that keeps them coming back. By using a platform of gratitude, customer service can be greatly enhanced to increase and maintain loyalty.

This presentation reviews the many benefits of expressing gratitude, both physical and psych-social, backed by scientific experiments. Complaints and feelings of entitlement can only lead to ingratitude, anxiety and frustration. By practicing random acts of kindness and expressing gratitude for all that we have, our lives can be transformed!



Hunger and Poverty

Feeding America

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The Power of Gratitude: A Prescription for Well-Being and Abundance
• The Benefits of Expressing Gratitude
• Gratitude vs. Complaints and Entitlement
• Recognition of Gratitude and Reciprocity
• Attract Abundance in your life by Expressing Gratitude
• Practice Gratitude to Achieve More Happiness in Your Life
October 5, 2016 75-100 people

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