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Melissa Washington Military Charities , CA - California United States

Women Veterans Giving, Inc. (WVG) is committed to narrowing the gap between civilian and military relations, empowering women of all leadership positions, assisting in the reintegration to civilian life, finding fulfillment in the professional world, encouraging a sense of belonging, encouraging entrepreneurs and small business owners, and building a supportive educated community. WVG is women veterans lifting each other up, for all to succeed and create a better community. WVG is committed to raising funds to provide women veterans scholarships for the Unconference and small business funding as well as other professional development opportunities.

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Vicki Garcia Military Charities San Diego, CA USA

I've been a trainer on small business marketing for nearly 30 years. ( I've built a relationship with an organization that serves disabled veterans. Not all returning vets want to become an employee. Some vets are disabled to the point where they cannot hold a job. We're working on a training program to help vets start and run their own businesses. This program will include a "Mind Masters" ( group which helps them to set goals and achieve them with the support of other vets and accountability. Contributions will be used to contract with space, produce materials, ...

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This Could Be You

This Could Be You! Hometown, USA

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